Quit cribbing about inflation! Here’s the best tech under 500.

What’s the best tech under 500 in India?

When looking for electronic products in the market Indians tend to go by a budget, than by its features or quality. Which is why we have created this best tech under 500 price list to help you buy the best product below Rs 500 in India. The past week we were on the lookout for best resourceful electronics accessories one could buy in India on a budget below 500. And today’s the day to reveal what gems had been hidden from the eyes of consumers.

Unlike most best tech under 500 price list in India, we have not selected random products that are priced below 500. Instead, we have focused on categories first and have done a labour for you. And then we have selected the best product available. There are ten products mentioned in this price list, they all are from different categories. Which means we have covered maximum categories in this article.

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#1 On-Earphone – Lenovo On-Earphone Headset P410 – Rs 496

Lenovo On-Earphone - Best Tech Under 500

What’s the story of the Lenovo On-Earphone?: When high fidelity sound is all your ears crave for and you don’t want to compromise on the budget, then, this Lenovo headset should be the perfect choice for your requirements. There is adjustable floating earmuff support on it. Moreover, Lenovo claims that the cushions it comes with are durable & breathable for ears.

Why should I buy Lenovo On-Earphone?: Controls available on wire allows for the hassle-free listening experience.

#2 In-Earphone – Philips In-Earphone SHE1455BK – Rs 449

Philips In-Earphones - Best Tech Under 500

What’s the story of Philips In-Earphone?: Philips claims that these headphones of theirs blocks out external noise and are providing the best in-ear experience. There is an integrated microphone and call button to ensure a hassle-free experience. The primary issue with most earphones is that the cable is not very durable. But this earphone comes equipped with a rubberized cable, which enhances the durability of the earphones.

Why should I buy Philips In-earphone?: There are a couple of reasons as to why it makes for a great buy. But these two are the best; It comes with interchangeable ear cups and a 1.2-metre long cable. These two features make it a great investment.

#3 Pendrive – SanDisk Cruzer Blade 16GB USB 2.0 – Rs 399

SanDisk Cruzer Blade - Best Tech Under 500

What’s the story of SanDisk Cruzer Blade?: SanDisk is synonymous with portable storage. And the fact that they are offering a pen drive below 500 makes it more interesting. The compact design and maximum portability is their forte and with this Cruzer blade model, they have nailed the affordability factor as well. It comes with amazing 5 years limited warranty, which is unlike any other brand in the industry.

Why should I buy SanDisk Cruzer Blade?: This is probably the best 16GB pendrive you could buy in India below 500. Quality is top notch!

#4 Feature phone – Viva V1 – Rs 444

Viva V1 - Best Tech Under 500

What’s the story of Viva V1?: Indian mobile market is filled with budget-friendly phones, but again most of those brands fail to offer a quality handset experience. But with the Viva V1, Adcom claims to offer best in class user experience. This is probably the cheapest best feature phone you can buy in India today. By any chance, if you are looking for a mobile phone in this best tech under 500 price list. Then, we’d suggest you purchase this basic mobile phone.

Why should I buy Viva V1?: It’s a Made in India phone with claimed superior features and quality at an inexpensive price point. Why should you not buy is the right question to ask!

#5 Memory Card – Strontium 16GB Micro SDHC Memory Card – Rs 400

Strontium Memory Card - Best Tech Under 500

What’s the story of Strontium Memory the Card?: Whether you’re looking to expand storage on your feature phone, smartphone, or camera, memory cards are the best way to do so. Strontium claims to offer the best in class microSD card. This 16GB memory card is probably one of the best tech under 500. It comes with easy plug and play feature. Further, can be used inside an Adaptor to convert to SD card.

Why should I buy Strontium Memory Card?: Strontium claims a lifetime limited warranty on this, which is something unique and unlike any other brands in this space and at this price point.

#6 Power Bank – Intex 4000 mAh Powerbank – Rs 499

Intex Power Bank - Best Tech Under 500

What’s the story of Intex Power Bank?: Like mobile phones, power banks in India has seen a tremendous growth. It has only made Indians confused, which product to buy. Which is why Intex has come up with a power bank that covers all significant features and yet comes under 500. This 4000 mAh capacity portable battery comes with USB 2.0 and a torch functionality.

Why should I buy an Intex Power Bank?: Intex is a brand that is known for its quality products, may it be any category. It’s a good buy primarily for its brand loyalty.

#7 Mouse – Logitech B170 Wireless Mouse – Rs 500

Logitech Wireless Mouse - Best Tech Under 500

What’s the story of Logitech Wireless Mouse?: Logitech is the name you must be familiar with if you have been using Desktops/Laptops. If you have not, then, moving on. Logitech is best known for its computer peripherals, and if you are looking for a wireless mouse, then they are your best bet. This Logitech wireless mouse comes in best tech under 500 because of the quality it claims to offer.

Why should I buy Logitech Wireless Mouse?: It has 10-metre reliable wireless range, instant pairing, advanced optical tracking, and several other interesting features that makes it a great buy for the price it comes.

#8 Wireless Nano Adapter – TP-Link 150Mbps Wireless Adapter

TP LINK WiFi Adapter - Best Tech Under 500

What’s the story of TP-Link Wireless Adapter?: This is an easy sell. With everything going wireless, there is a requirement of a wireless adapter that can provide Wi-Fi access even on the desktops, which lacks a wireless adapter by default. And in some cases, its required on Laptops as well, cuz the inbuilt adapter gets damaged over time for unknown reasons. That can be fixed via a third party wifi adapter. TP-Link is the best in town and which is why it’s been added to the best tech under 500 price list.

Why should I buy TP-Link Wireless Adapter?: Setup is easy on this one! There is a support of 14 languages, and compatibility with 802.11b/g/n products. Claimed transmission of up to 150 Mbps is enough reason for you to purchase it.

#9 Car Charger – Intex Car Charger – Rs 299

Intex Car Charger - Best Tech Under 500

What’s the story of Intex Car Charger?: Intex is many things and we believe you didn’t know until now that they are a maker of portable car chargers too. Electronics accessories is a big market if you consider the number of mobiles sold in India. Of course, not everyone would want it, but it surely comes handy for the car owners. They don’t to rely on power banks when traveling to office or vacation in their cars. Intex portable car charger deserves to be in the best tech under 500 price list. Not because its priced below 500, but because it has the real-life usage.

Why should I buy Intex Car Charger?: Offers fast charging, this Intex portable car charger claims to be compatible with most of the car brands and their models.

This tenth category felt quite significant not to be missed when it’s in a trend these days. We are talking about Bluetooth Speaker. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a single worth mentioning Bluetooth speaker below 500. Which is why we have mentioned a worthy product that comes closest to the 500 price mark.

#10 Bluetooth Speaker – AmazonBasic Nano Bluetooth Speaker – Rs 599

AmazonBasics Bluetooth Speaker - Best Tech Under 500

What’s the story of AmazonBasics Nano Bluetooth Speaker?: Whether you’re a millennial or a teenager born in the 21st century, you must be knowing the industry trend regarding Bluetooth speakers. If you are looking to jump into it, and are tight on budget, wait no more. AmazonBasics has the best Bluetooth speaker in the town. And you cannot ignore it all. You shouldn’t.

Why should I buy AmazonBasics Nano Bluetooth Speaker?: For its tiny size, giving ultra-convenient portability. For its battery life, which is up to straight 6 hours. On top of that, it is claimed to be splash-proof.

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