The Best Smart TVs in India to look out in 2018

Get to know about the best smart TVs in India in 2018

Updated, April 13, 2018: Still, think Television is an Idiot box? Think again! We are living in the era of smart devices and Television is one of them. Smart TVs are not new to the market they have been around for quite some time. It is now only that Indian Television industry has picked up the Smart TVs trend. While the front-runners in this industry are limited to Samsung, LG, Panasonic, and Sony, you will find a huge number of Smart TV brands offering impressive features at a comparatively affordable pricing. So, here’s our #Bytelist of Best smart TV in India and all that you need to know about them.

Want to know how any brands currently offer Smart TVs? Currently, there are more than 15 Smart TV brands in India fighting for consumers. It is no wonder that many brands are cashing in needs of consumers, as they too acknowledge this trend. Consumers these days are more inclined towards Television sets with Internet connectivity and nifty apps that keep them entertained. A 32 inch smart TV is one of the most popular categories in India because of its ideal size for most of the Indian households. So, here are the brands that provide this variant of the best smart TV in India. Certain attributes of a TV are more suited to a few and that’s what makes it the best for them and this is one such list of best smart TV in India. Forgive us if you find the list one-sided.

List of Best Smart TVs brand (s) in India in 2018:

  1. Micromax Smart TV
  2. Vu Smart TV
  3. Onida Smart TV
  4. Videocon Smart TV
  5. LeEco Smart TV
  6. Panasonic Smart TV
  7. Samsung Smart TV
  8. BPL Smart TV
  9. Lloyd Smart TV
  10. Sansui Smart TV
  11. Mitashi Smart TV
  12. TCL Smart TV
  13. Intex Smart TV
  14. Toshiba Smart TV
  15. Kodak Smart TV
  16. Haier Smart TV
  17. Maser Smart TV
  18. InFocus Smart TV
  19. LG Smart TV
  20. Xiaomi Tvs

#1. Micromax Smart TV

Micromax Smart TV
Micromax Smart TV

The home-grown consumer electronics brand, Micromax, is known to offer affordable solutions. There Canvas Smart TV is a perfect blend of smart features at budget pricing. This Canvas LED Smart Television promises you an interactive experience that is worthwhile. Spend every moment filled with fun and joy with Micromax Full HD Smart LED TV. This Canvas Smart TV comes in three different size- 32-inches, 40-inches, and 50-inches. The TV is powered by an Android operating system and can be synced with your Android phone. Access all your social platforms on your TV. It is equipped with a digital surround sound technology. Will you prefer a homegrown brand over the foreign Smart TV brands in India? Thus making its entry into the segment as one of the best smart tv brands. If you are looking for an affordable 50 inch Smart TV, then, Micromax is one of the best choice.

Price: Rs 21,000 (30’’), Rs 33,490 (40”), Rs 36,999 (50”)

#2. Vu Smart TV

Vu Smart TV

Vu Smart TV

Vu Technologies is an Indian Television brand focused on offering a range of Smart LED TVs. They have released five Smart TVs in the market with different display size and resolution. The lowest variant comes at 32-inches sporting HD resolution screen. They have tied up with Flipkart to sell their range of TVs online. Giving you an overview of the Smart TV range, they boast of Wi-Fi & Ethernet for internet connectivity. Now access your favorite YouTube and Netflix content on a Television set. Vu Smart TV utilizes Mirroring and DLNA technology for screen mirroring from mobile phone and tablet.Thus making its entry into the segment as one of the best smart tv brands.

VU smart Tv price: Rs 22,000 (32”), Rs 32,000 (40”), Rs 46,000 (49”), Rs 60,000 (55”)

#3. Onida Smart TV

Onida Smart TV

Onida Smart TV

Onida is a brand of Mirc Electronics Ltd., is based out of Mumbai, India. This electronics brand was born in 1981 and quickly become a household name. Ranked as India’s most trusted brand, the company has a range of Smart TVs available in the market to fulfill your immersive experience needs. The LED TVs from the house of Onida brings “Big Screen Big Entertainment” to life. Feel the world from the comfort of your home. There Live Genius Smart TV Series comes loaded with smart apps to match your lifestyle. Make life at home more fun and full of great experiences.With native Android OS installed on their TVs, they give you optimized access to millions of apps from Play Store. Discover, Enjoy and Share. Could a Tv get smarter than this at this price? Well, that exactly one of the many reasons why this was one chosen as one of the many best smart tv brand (s) in India.

Onida smart TV price: Rs 33,990 (40”)

#4. Videocon Smart TV

Videocon Smart TV

Videocon Smart TV

When it comes to homegrown Television brand, Videocon, is the oldest player in the Indian Television industry. They first started selling color televisions in 1979 and operates out of Mumbai. While the brand has a wide variety of product portfolio, they are still focused on offering the latest Television technology. The company has a comprehensive list of Smart TVs, unlike most brands. Their wide range of models differs in size, resolution and smart features. The Smart TVs from the house of Videocon comes powered by Android, Windows and Proprietary OS. The key features that can be seen on these models include powerful CPU, High resolution, HDMI port, and USB port. With MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) Technology support, they can easily connect to your phone, for streaming from your smartphone.

The Smart TVs from the house of Videocon comes powered by Android, Windows and Proprietary OS. The key features that can be seen on these models include powerful CPU, High resolution, HDMI port, and USB port. With MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) Technology support, they can easily connect to your phone, for streaming from your smartphone.

Videocon smart Tv price: Rs 28,990 (32”), Rs 42,290 (40”), Rs 65,990 (50”)

#5. LeEco Smart TV

LeEco Smart TV

LeEco Smart TV

Can a Chinese company penetrate the Smart TV brands in India? When it comes to Chinese players in Indian Television industry, LeEco is a brand that reaches out to a large Indian audience. They largely depend on sale through high quality after sales services and unmatched two years warranty service. LeEco is a master when it comes to vision, as the brand brings 4K viewing experience to masses. There Super4 Series Smart TVs boasts of a premium quality design that speaks to the broad audience. The LeEco Smart TVs comes in three variants, 40-inches, 43-inches and 50-inches giving a full choice of size. The true cinematic sound experience on these TVs are powered by Harmon-Kardon. Apart from powerful CPU and immersive audio experience, you get Google Voice Search integration for the easy searching experience.

The LeEco Smart TVs comes in three variants, 40-inches, 43-inches and 50-inches giving a full choice of size. The true cinematic sound experience on these TVs are powered by Harmon-Kardon. Apart from powerful CPU and immersive audio experience, you get Google Voice Search integration for the easy searching experience.

LeEco smart Tv price: Rs 42,490 (40”), Rs 57,490 (43”), Rs 78,490 (50”)

#6. Panasonic Smart TV

Panasonic Smart TV

Panasonic Smart TV

Panasonic is one of the front-runners in Indian Television industry, though, ironically it is a foreign brand. The company is based out of Japan and is close to completing 100 years. For the past decade since their presence in India, the brand has made their mark in the country. A century old Television maker has a range of products, Smart TVs is one of their identity. With around 100 Television models in their portfolio, Panasonic is one of the largest Television providers in the country. They cater to a variety of needs including Smart TVs, Ultra HD, Curved, and 3D TVs.

Talking about their “Life + Screen” range, they boast proprietary Smart OS platform preloaded with YouTube, Netflix and all the popular apps for streaming media. The brand’s 24-inch TVs are the best-sellers among all Panasonic TVs. Their Smart TVs offer brilliant images and multi-function versatility. Sporting an easy to use the personalized interface they provide next generation user experience. We would recommend purchasing a Panasonic 40 inch Smart TV if you are looking for a decent size smart TV in the market.  It could be dubbed as the best 40 inch smart tv in India.

Panasonic smart Tv price: Rs, 10,999 (24″), Rs 39,999 (40”), Rs 79,999 (49”), Rs 129,999 (55”), Rs 229,999 (65”)

#7. Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV

Samsung is the King Shark when its comes to the television market, as the South Korean electronics giant sells the largest number of television sets in the world. The company is widely known for its quality services, before and after sales. The brand has a wide variety of offering when it comes to Smart TVs. Fun fact, Samsung was one of the first to introduce Smart TVs in the market. Started with proprietary Smart OS named Tizen, the company hasn’t introduced an Android TV in the market. Samsung offers one of the best smart tv features on its smart TVs range.

Tizen is claimed to be the first open-source platform to be used on TVs. With Tizen OS you’ll have an endless supply of entertainment content. Samsung’s Smart TVs offers easy convergence as they easily connect with your mobile handsets to make life easier and fun. Among all the Samsung Smart TVs, its 32-inch and 40-inch TVs are quite popular and are mostly sold when compared to others.

Price: Rs 38,900 (32”), Rs 62,900 (43”), Rs 91,500 (49”)

#8. BPL Smart TV

BPL Smart TV

BPL Smart TV

BPL is a brand most of the Indians are familiar with, it has been around since 1963 when the British Physical Laboratories was founded as a medical equipment provider. The company later forayed into televisions and telecommunication equipment business from 1980 onwards. The brand which once ruled the nation’s television industry saw its demise as a result of a various combination of circumstances. Interestingly, Flipkart approached BPL as their market intelligence report showcased BPL is still one of the most preferred names in the television industry. Which is why BPL TVs are now once again available in the market.

In their comeback innings, the brand offers a wide range of television models catering the need of Internet and Apps enabled TVs. Currently, the 50 years-old brand offers only one Smart TV model, which is a 43-inch 4K Ultra HD set. Sporting a sleek and stylish design, the new BPL Smart TV delivers that will make you want to watch TV all day, every day. With App store accessibility, the world is at your feet as you get Netflix, YouTube, Games, Social platforms on your TV. In this crowded arena Smart TV brands, can they make a comeback?


BPL smart Tv price: Rs 37,999 (43”)

#9. Lloyd Smart TV

Lloyd Smart TV

Lloyd Smart TV

Lloyd Group is an acknowledged name in the consumer electronics industry. The cater to wide variety of consumers in India. The electronics group has a history of more than 60 years in consumer electronics business. They are headquartered in New Delhi and have 17 state-of-the-art manufacturing units. Talking about the Smart TV range offering from the company, they have numerous products catering needs of different categories. Their range of Smart TVs boasts HD, Full HD, and 4K UHD resolution TV sets. All of their models offers wide viewing angles for immersive experience from any corner. Kick your boredom out of the house and watch your favorite TV shows and movies in a resolution, which is four times better than any regular Full HD TV. Additionally, high refresh rate allows you to get the detailed look even at moving pictures.

Price: Rs 18,990 (32”), Rs 28,990 (40”), Rs 39,200 (42”)

#10. Sansui Smart TV

Sansui Smart TV

Sansui Smart TV

Sansui is a Japanese electronics manufacturer, which started with audio and video equipment making. Currently, they are one of the leading Smart TV brands hailing from Japan. The company entered into Indian television industry nearly two decades ago. Over these years, the company claims to mark its presence across all major towns and cities in the country. It is one of the most loved brands when it comes to foreign television brand. Their range of Smart TVs offerings starts from 22-inches and goes up to 55-inches. These Smart TVs are powered by customized Android platform. It is a web-enabled TV with smart features offering blissful experience. There is a choice of Ultra High Definition resolution, which brings alive the virtual world in your living room.

Smart Tv price: Rs 10,300 (22”), Rs 17,600 (32”), Rs 29,300 (40”)

#11. Mitashi Smart TV

Mitashi Smart TV

Mitashi Smart TV

Another Homegrown electronics brand that offers Smart TVs at affordable pricing is Mitashi. Nearly two decades old company started as a provider of educational and entertainment electronics products. They entered the LED Television business in 2010 and quickly became the favorite in the industry. Mitashi has bagged numerous awards over the years of their service in the TV industry. They are one of the affordable Smart TV brands in the industry. The brand focuses on building relations, which is why they offer unmatched 3 years warranty for their TV sets. Equipped with Dual-Core processor, Android 4.4 OS, HDMI, USB and screen mirroring technology, the Smart TV models from the brand offers state of the art features. They are pre-loaded with a suite of apps like Facebook, Skype, YouTube, Netflix and more.

Smart Tv price: Rs 22,990 (32”)

#12. TCL Smart TV

TCL Smart TV

TCL Smart TV

TCL is a Chinese consumer electronics brand that is present in the Television industry since its inception in 1981. Over nearly four decades, the brand has designed, developed and manufactured televisions for millions of consumers. They are currently third-largest television producer by sales volume. While the brand was present in India since quite a time, but they recently re-branded themselves and now offers their services exclusively through an online retailer, Amazon. Now they have a small line of Smart TVs targeting the precise needs of consumers in India. Their Smart TVs are available in three different sizes 48-inches, 49-inches, and 55-inches. Sporting proprietary operating system, TCL claims to preload their television sets with a range of apps. The Smart functionality makes these TVs easier, faster and intelligent to use. The key features in terms of connectivity include multimedia format support, Screen Mirroring, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI ports, and USB ports.

Smart Tv price: Rs 36,990 (49”), Rs 37,990 (48”), Rs 48,990 (55”)

#13. Intex Smart TV

Intex Smart TV

Intex Smart TV

The Indian consumer electronics firm, Intex Technologies, is widely known for their smartphones and IT accessories. This two decades old brand has diversified business, Smart Television is one of them. They have a range of Smart TVs based on the Android operating system. Catering to different visual needs, they offer TVs with smart features in a variety of sizes like 32-inches, 43-inches, 50-inches, and 55-inches. Change the way you watch TV with Smart TV range from the house of Intex. They make it possible to play games and socialize from your living room. Talking about the key specifications, they come equipped with Dual-core CPU, 1GB RAM, Dynamic contrast ratio and a fully functional remote control. Your TV experience will never be the same again. Intex claims to be a popular among Smart TV brands in the country.

Smart Tv price: Rs 27,999 (32”), Rs 47,999 (43”), Rs 54,999 (50”)

#14. Toshiba Smart TV

Toshiba Smart TV

Toshiba Smart TV

This is another Japanese company based out of Tokyo, but the story is different here. Toshiba is more than a century-old corporation, which diversified their business over the time in various categories. The television business is one of the popular categories that Japanese brand deals with. They have had the honor of providing large LED displays at popular sports events. Coming to their Smart Television range, they offer three different sizes of Smart TVs in the Indian market. The list includes a 32-inches, 40-inches and 46-inches TV. These models boast IPTV (Internet TV) connectivity which enables big screen displays with the power of the internet. They have two categories of Smart LED TVs, one supports 3D, while one doesn’t. In terms of connectivity, they sport MHL, Wi-Fi, HDMI and USB ports support. They are one of the popular Smart TV brands available across India.

This is one of the best smart Tv in Indi.

Smart Tv price: Rs 36,990 (32”), Rs 56,990 (40”), Rs 75,990 (46”)

#15. Kodak Smart TV

Kodak Smart TV

Kodak Smart TV

Kodak introduced a range of Smart LED TVs in India last year when brand decided to jump on a partnership with SPPL (Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd). In this joint venture, Kodak is the brand name and SPPL is the OEM for manufacturing TV sets in India. It’s a combination of world-class innovative technology and local manufacturing. They are the recent addition to best TV brand in India. Talking about the Kodak Smart LED TVs in India, they offer a range of features including High-resolution displays, immersive audio, ultra-slim styling and dynamic contrast ratio. Powered by a Quad-core processor, television viewing gets smarter and better with Kodak range of Smart TVs. Live clutter free with Wi-Fi and LAN support for internet connectivity. Download your favorite movies, TV shows, and apps to stream and browse on your TV.

Could this camera manufacturer make its presence felt and be the best smart tv in India manufacturer?

Smart Tv price: Rs 23,99 (40”), Rs 34,990 (50”)

#16. Haier Smart TV

Haier Smart TV

Haier Smart TV

Haier is a consumer electronics brand hails from China, it was founded in 1984. This three decades old brand has a strong presence in home appliances market in China as well as other international regions including India. The company operates in India through their regional headquarter in New Delhi. Their diversified business includes televisions, refrigerator, Air Conditioners, washing machines, microwave oven, heaters and wine cellars. Talking about their Smart TV range, the brand has a variety of television sets with smart features. The key features of these models are an Android operating system, Skype dedicated camera, and no Flicker 3D technology. You get access to millions of apps, which makes your idiot box fun to use. Unfurl the virtual world in your living room with 4K Ultra HD resolution.

Could there anything that a user can complaint of when using a Hair TV? I don’t think so. Thus making its entrance to the list and also being the best smart tv in India.

Smart Tv price: Rs 50,990 (50”)


#17. Maser Smart TV

Maser Smart TV
Maser TV


Maser is an Indian Television manufacture which serves internationally in many countries. Mostly expanded its services in south Asian countries like India, China, Malaysia, Singapore among others, the company was founded in 2014. Apart from smart TVs, Maser also sells home theaters. The price range of these Maser TVs varies from INR 6000 to INR 20000. And the TVs the brand offers come in different sizes and a different set of features.


The display of these TVs varies from 17-inch to 40-inch. The brand’s 40-inch TVs are most sold of all the Maser products. These 40-inch TVs come with Full HD resolution, 2 USB ports, 2 HDMI ports, 80W power consumption, Screen Mirroring, a floor and mount stand, and one-year product warranty. Also, these TVs come with Wi-Fi direct, Power Saving mode, and Auto-volume leveler. These factors make this one of the best options to choose from if you are looking to get yourself the best smart TV in India.


Smart Tv price: Rs 6176 (17”), Rs 7290 (24”), Rs 16990 (40”).


#18. InFocus Smart TV

InFocus Smart TV

InFocus Smart TV

InFocus is an American technology company which manufactures smartphones, Televisions, and other smart TVs. Known for their highly efficient smartphones at an affordable price, the InFocus has tried their hands at TVs and got something good out of it. The company was founded in the year of 1986. The price range of these InFocus TVs varies from INR 9000 to INR 60000, making themselves available to the customers of all classes.

And the size range of these TVs varied from 24-inch to a mind-blowing 60-inch. A 60-inch InFocus smart TV comes with a LED display, full HD resolution, Advanced wider angle, 1000000:1 dynamic ratio, 178-degree viewing angle, Wi-Fi Direct, Auto volume leveler, and Power Saving Mode. Thus making an entrance into the price list of the best smart TV in India


Smart Tv price: INR 8890 (24″), INR 59990 (60″)


#19. LG Smart TV

LG Smart TV


LG Smart TV


LG is another South Korean giant that has been in the Television industry for quite a long time. Since, its inception in 1958, the company has gained a high ground in the world’s Television industry. The brand entered into India at an early stage of Television boom. Nowadays, the company focuses on their Smart TV lineup in India. They have strong online as well as an offline presence in the country. At one point LG has been named as second largest Television manufacturer after Sony.

The Indian unit of the company manufactures and sells their Smart TVs in India. Their size range starts at 32-inches and goes up to 55 -inches. The 32-inches Full HD Smart TV comes at a price of Rs 31,999 and as the size increase, the price drastically increase. If you want to invest in a 4K resolution LG Smart TV, then, it will cost you around Rs 1,25,000. While the same size Full HD resolution can be fetched for Rs 79,499.


Smart Tv price: Rs 31,999 (32″), Rs 44,999 (43″), Rs 79,499 (55″)


#20. Xiaomi TVs:

Xiaomi TVs:

best smart tv brand



Xiaomi is one brand that is hell-bent on making it big in the entertainment space in India and around the world. The Xiaomi Tv price starts from 10,000 INR and goes beyond 1,00,000. The specifications and features offered by the brand for the price tag they quote make it the best smart TV in India 2017. A best smart Tv brand is one that offers the reliability that is something that Xiaomi has consistently offered on their smartphones and Smart TVs range.

Are you looking for best Android TV to buy in India?

Well, here’s the list of best Android TVs in India!

Android is not just taking over the mobile space but also the smart TV space. he ripples that Android has made in the mobile space has now inspired manufacturers of best smart TV in India to integrate it into their smart TVs too. Most of the current smart TVs now come with Android Lollipop and above operating systems. You can get a best Android TV in India for as low as INR 10,000 and it goes up to more than a lakh.

Here’s our list of top 10 brands that provide the best Android TV in India

  • Micromax Android TV
  • Onida Android TV
  • Samsung Android TV
  • LG Android TV
  • Sony Android TV
  • VU Android TV
  • Haier Android TV
  • Panasonic Android TV
  • Kodak Android TV
  • Sansui Android TV

You might have come across the above brand names but didn’t know much about them. Hope this list of Smart TV brands in India clears your confusion. Also, our TV Finder on BestPriceOn lets you make a wise judgment as every TV is categorized and filtered according to their price range, brands, features, and specifications. Let us know which brand you are more inclined to opt and why? Shoot your answers in the comments.

This list of smart TV will be updated on a timely basis to keep you posted on the best smart TVs available in the market in your budget. So, here was our list of smart TV price in India. If you think that we have missed out on something, do let us know by voicing your thoughts in the comments section below.

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