How Apple iPhone 6 Plus paved the way for iPhone X in 2014?

iPhone 6 Plus – Tim Cook gave world an iPhone they deserved in 2014

The year was 2014, month was September, iDay had arrived! Tim Cook was on stage to announce new Apple iPhone iterations, media was ready with their laptops and mobiles to share their stories about new iPhone/s. That is when the world learned that their beloved smartphone is getting two models; iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

After seven years of original innovation, Tim Cook and team thought it was time to introduce a large screen Apple iPhones. While iPhone 6 wasn’t significantly large, iPhone 6 Plus was bigger in size. Anyone who was an iPhone user at that time was either bedazzled by new iPhones or just wasn’t ready to move on from their tiny comfortable iPhone.

Steve Jobs was looking down at earth and was probably expressing disregard!

To know why you have to read below…

Why was Steve Jobs wrong about Apple iPhone Plus models?

When Jobs was asked about why don’t simply introduce a large screen iPhone, his reply was, “no one’s going to buy that”. He commented on Samsung’s attempt to introduce large screen devices, particularly first Galaxy Note, “You can’t get your hands around it”. According to Jobs, users wanted a phone that they can easily wrap around their hands on it.

But the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus proved that Steve Jobs was wrong about this!

Here’s a Timeline of the iPhone Plus models introduced over the years:

Apple iPhone 6 Plus – 2014


iPhone 6 Plus


What are the Apple iPhone 6 Plus specifications?: Sporting a 5.5-inch full HD resolution, iPhone 6 Plus is the first phablet in the iPhone iterations. It came with the A8 processor, which was a dual-core chipset, clock speed at 1.4 GHz. This chipset was named Typhoon by Apple, for its blazing fast speed at the time of launch. Storage options included 16/64/128GB along with a support of 1GB RAM.

Talking about the camera, there was an 8 MegaPixel rear camera equipped with a phase detection autofocus, f/2.2 aperture, OIS and dual-LED flash support. On the front, it packed a tiny 1.2 MegaPixel sensor with a f/2.2 aperture as a FaceTime HD camera. All this was powered by a 2915 mAh capacity battery.

What is the Apple iPhone 6 Plus price in India?: Rs 39,990


Apple iPhone 6s Plus – 2015


iPhone 6 Plus


What are the Apple iPhone 6s Plus specifications?: Next year followed the same display resolution and size, but there was an introduction of a 3D Touch technology. The iPhone 6s Plus came pre-installed with a iOS 9 (upgradable to iOS 11). The dual-core chipset named Twister offered a higher clock speed at 1.84 GHz. There was a bump in GPU from quad cores to Hexa-cores, which significantly improved the graphics performance.

A further performance was introduced with a 2GB RAM. Users got an extra storage option as a 32GB model was released. The camera capability was increased after ages, 8MP to 12 MP shift on a rear camera, and 1.2 MP to 5 MP on a front camera. Unfortunately, the battery capacity was reduced to 2750 mAh.

What is the Apple iPhone 6s Plus price in India?: Rs 49,000


Apple iPhone 7 Plus – 2016


iPhone 6 Plus


What are the Apple iPhone 7 Plus specifications?: This was the first time Apple introduced a water and dust resistant iPhone. Rated IP67, iPhone 7 Plus came with water resistance up to 1 meter and 30 minutes. Talking about the improvement in LED-backlit 5.5-inch full HD resolution display, it came with a wide color gamut. Thus, offering a vibrant screen for viewing. Performance of the new iPhone saw massive improvement as it came with Quad-core processor, clock speed at 2.34 GHz. Further, the standard storage option was increased to 32GB and a 256 GB storage model was introduced.

What more? An unbelievable 3GB RAM was added on this iPhone Plus model. Apple focuses on offering a low light photography capable camera, which is why aperture number was improved to f/1.8 and optical zoom was introduced. A massive improvement in photography, all thanks to dual 12 MP rear camera setup. And yes a duad-LED with dual tone flash was also introduced. For face time lovers, a 7 MegaPixel sensor was a great addition. Apple learned its lesson and restored the battery capacity to 2900 mAh.

What is the Apple iPhone 7 Plus price in India?: Rs 59,000


Apple iPhone 8 Plus – 2017


iPhone 6 Plus


What are the Apple iPhone 8 Plus specifications?: The Cupertino giant probably had to overlook iPhone 8 Plus in order to make way for iPhone X. Cuz internal competition is a thing! Apple teased that they have introduced a true-tone display, which makes the viewing experience better. This iPhone comes pre-installed with iOS 11, which is the latest iOS version.

Powered by the A11 processor, which is coined Bionic for some unknown reason. RAM is still the same at 3GB, but storage options are reduced to two; 64GB and 256 GB. Unfortunately, the camera experience is same as on the previous iteration. New additions include Bluetooth 5.0 support, USB 3.0, and fast charging (Qi) support. Another thing that Apple doesn’t realize that they have screwed up is the reduction of battery capacity to 2691 mAh.

What is the Apple iPhone 8 Plus price in India?: Rs 73,000


How it all lead to Apple iPhone X?


Apple iPhone 6 Plus


We have some interesting facts and theories to share with you on a large screen iPhone and how all that lead to iPhone X, a bezel-less iPhone.

> Cuz Tim Cook introduced a large screen iPhone 6 Plus, it made possible for Apple to take the iPhone X road.

> What if there was no large screen iPhone? Then, we wouldn’t probably see an iPhone X introduced as a tenth-anniversary special edition.

> But despite the imaginary situation of no iPhone Plus model in existence, Apple could have introduced a smaller bezel-less iPhone.

> iPhone X is probably the biggest leap in design Apple has ever taken since the introduction of original iPhone in 2007.

Ten years in the making iPhone X is not the best smartphone, but it is probably the best iPhone Apple has ever produced.

Latest Updates on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X:
The official launch of these products is done and people who have pre-ordered the iPhone 8 now have their devices delivered to them. The iPhone X should be out to users early November this year.  So, would you go for the iPhone 7, 7+ , 8 or 8+ or the iPhone X.

iPhone X redefines the way we use iPhone!

Will you buy iPhone X when it goes up for sale in November? Or you are still fine with an iPhone Plus model? Let us know in the comments section below.

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