Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones!

Read on to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones

Mobiles phones are the rulers of the world now. They have completely changed the way how people communicate, how they access information and even how they live out. You can call people, send text messages, play games, write documents, read books and what not! Basically, it is hard to imagine yourself without a smartphone these days. While there are several advantages of using mobile phones, there are many downsides too. Sit back and get the popcorn out! We will talk more about these advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones

Here are all the good things you can do with a mobile phone


Stay connected


stay connected


It used to be nearly impossible after a time to find an old friend or that high school crush you have gone bananas over. But now, with mobile phones and social media, all that it takes is typing his/her name and you can have another chance to sweep the things all over and above. Social media is where you can interact with your old friends, make new friends, and even communicate with organizations and high personalities at your will.


Raise emergency


Driver Making Phone Call After Traffic Accident


No one wants to imagine themselves in emergency situations but it is, inarguably, inevitable. With the uncertainty of life blooms around audaciously, staying connected with the world is very important. For instance, carrying a mobile phone while traveling is mandatory as if something unexpected happens, you can call your family/friends or an ambulance right away.


Get informed


medium - the next web


The way of learning has changed rapidly since the evolution of mobile phones. And staying informed with time is one of the most important advantages of having a mobile phone. Before this millennial wonder called a smartphone, information used to be costly and difficult to access. But now, things have changed. Right from the encyclopedia to social media, all this abundant information can be accessed from mobile phones. Also, you can access maps, videos, and much more which can be helpful in increasing your knowledge. And as an icing on top, few offbeat websites like Medium and Quora have changed the game of learning, by connecting people all around the world and making the knowledge crowdsourced.


Be a master


siri - daily tekk


Smartphones basically make you convenient. Be it accessing information, ordering pizza, make phone calls/video calls, set reminders, and much more. It can all happen just with a touch. You just have to move your fingers and there it is. Also, artificial intelligence technologies like Siri and Cortana can act like your personal assistants, which make recommendations and perform actions at your will. This amusement started to grow into a usual thing and in near future, you can do a lot more things with a smartphone which you can only dream of. 


On the other hand, these are the bad things that can happen with mobile phones


Privacy breach


privacy - digital trends



One of the major threats of using mobile phones is a privacy breach. Not even celebrities were saved from this ultimatum. Although it is convenient to have all your data on your mobile phone, there is a constant threat of exposure. Be it your personal data or information of high importance, one can’t guarantee the safety of it from hacking and breaching. For a start, you should never store your bank card details or any of such in your mobile phones.


Interruption and Distraction


Distraction - the odyssey online


Smartphones are the major distraction these days. They interrupt you with notifications while you are indulged in work. They ring when you are with your family, spending quality time. And mainly, they tempt you to access them while you are driving. These major distractions can do a lot of damage to you and your family. Life is too good to be wasted on roads.


Lack of human interaction


family time


interaction - govt tech

People no more talk. If there is one drastic effect mobile phones brought to this world, it is killing the human interaction. Gone are those days when holidays mean running to the playground instead of slouching in your home with the smartphone all the day. Gone are those days when meeting people means talk your heart out instead of drowning yourself in the timeline of Instagram.



aDDiction -


Smartphone addiction is real. You know there is something called Phantom Text Syndrome? It’s a neurological phenomenon where you think you have received a text from someone when you actually don’t. The urge to check your phone constantly, scrolling down Facebook news feed unconsciously until 2 am. Such things decrease your productivity and keep you a little far every day from your goals. Also, people don’t live in the moment anymore. We want everything to be captured on our phones but not in our photographic memory. 


live in the moment



If there is one thing that has developed, ruined, changed the world in both a good way and a bad way, it is a mobile phone. Picture yourself sitting in a coffee shop, waiting for someone. That person is late and you have to kill time. Imagine this situation before and after the existence of mobile phones. Back when there were no such things as mobiles, you would look around, bored, browse a magazine, have a little talk with a waiter or the person next to you, and keep waiting without knowing it. But now, in this technology-ridden world when people no longer talk, there is only one option for you. Mobile phone. For a second, you whine about waiting, take out your phone and that’s it. You lost a friend in the waiter there. You lost the scene around you. That coffee aroma. A kid with a frappe mustache. Waiters talking about their little and uncomplicated lives. You lost everything there. You lost yourself.
But hey! Technology is not that much bad. Mobile phones are not that much bad either. It is, and have always been, the way you use it without giving yourself to it. It is all about utilizing it to your need, get educated and gain knowledge. But not to ignore the world and immerse yourself in the hollowness of social media.

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