The only 5 Features of Samsung Bixby you need to Know

Meet Samsung Bixby – Your Own Jarvis

The South Korean electronics giant, Samsung is known to be quite innovative when it comes to their smartphones. Over the year, we have seen many first of a kind features on their Galaxy S Series of smartphones. This year, the company is bringing a Siri-like digital assistant to their flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus phones. The Samsung Bixby is a new way to use your high-end Galaxy Smartphone. It’s not just a virtual assistant, but your way to see the world in a different way.

5 features of the Samsung Bixby assistant that you should know:

Call Bixby to Action

Want to Wake up Bixby for your assistance? Just press the Bixby button on the left edge, below volume rockers and Bixby will be activated. Now you can ask Bixby for a variety of actions such as Call a contact, set a reminder, change the wallpaper, and open your favorite YouTube channels among other things. What differentiates Bixby from Apple’s Siri and Google’s Assistant is Bixby’s ability to perform tasks like lightly editing a photo and composing an email on your behalf.

Know where to Dine

Passing by a restaurant and don’t know if it’s good or not? Don’t worry, just point the camera on your Samsung GalaxyS8 to the restaurant sign and it gets all the information you require. Immediately find ratings, business hours, and signature dishes of the restaurant using Bixby assistant. Finding information about restaurants is easy when you have Bixby by your side.

Shop as you Look

Dwelling on those shoes you saw your friend wore last night? You can have them too. Just point your camera to the shoes and Bixby will find where you can buy them online. The Samsung Bixby assistant on your Galaxy S8 Plus can recognize objects as you point the camera on them. Above example is just one of the things Bixby can do using its visual search feature. You can even look for nutritional facts of the snack bar. Want more of that Snack bar? Shop it online and get them delivered at your home.

Samsung Bixby


Translate your conversations!

Looking to translate a foreign language on your phone? There are a lot of translation apps that you can install, but they all require you to write/copy the text. With Bixby by your side, you don’t require to type into boxes. Call up your favorite assistant on your Next Samsung Galaxy phone to complete that task. Now smoothly converse with your foreign friends in their local language.

Bixby is the New Home

Your home has been moved to Bixby. Press the Bixby button twice and you will be directed to Bixby Home, where all of your reminder, emails, meetings, missed calls, health stats, and suggestion cards live. Morning, Evening, and Night – Bixby knows when to remind you about what at the right place. For instance, tell your personal assistant to remind you to call someone when you get back to the office tomorrow at 11 in morning. Also, get a reminder from third-party apps like Facebook and Uber in Bixby Home.

With Samsung next mobile, the Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus launched in India, and various other regions. The Bixby needs a variety of language support. As confirmed by the South Korean manufacturer that available features of Samsung Bixby would vary according to the region. So, it is possible you might be missing out on standout features of Bixby. Samsung promises to resolve this in the coming weeks via firmware updates.


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