10 years of iPhone. A throwback to the evolution!

Can you imagine the world without an iPhone? Well, you possibly cannot!

Before we talk about anything called iPhone, let’s talk about the God of it. Some people try to change their paths from bad to good, from rough to safe, while some people go above the line to change the world itself. Well, if you still don’t know whom we are talking about, it’s the turtleneck legend, who was an assh*** for his haters and idol to the remaining world, the Steve Jobs.

While the world was looking for something new and easier from a brick-sized telephone and beep-beep handsets, Jobs gathered around a thousand employees including the chief designer, Jonathan Ive to create a phone which should change the world. This highly confidential idea was named as ‘Project Purple’. And a few months later, the company revealed what it was all about, what they had been working on; the prodigal iPhone.

The world would have never been the same without an iPhone. Known as the game changer and revolutionary, the iPhone has really changed the way we look at the world, the way we do things, and even the way we live.

So here we are after 10 years and 10 iPhones, to look back at the evolution of one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century:

We have a throwback you’d love to read.

iPhone (First Generation)




The first ever iPhone was released on June 29, 2007. Totally ditching the idea of having a physical keyboard, Jobs dreamed of typing on the display itself. Multi-touch technology, in our present terms. Originally started to make a tablet or something like that, Jobs, after looking at the first prototype, decided otherwise to make it a phone instead of a tablet and renamed the project as ‘Project Purple 2’. After two years of forgetting days and nights, the first iPhone came into existence.


At the introductory keynote on January 9 2007, Jobs introduced the device as ‘a revolutionary mobile phone’, ‘a widescreen iPod with touch controls’, and a ‘breakthrough Internet communicator’. ‘I have been looking forward to this for two and a half years, and today, Apple is going to reinvent the phone,’ Jobs added. And who would have ever dreamed that he and the Apple won’t stop there.


iPhone 3G and the App Store- July 11, 2008


iPhone 3G


> Slogan: The first phone to beat the iPhone

> First ever 3G iPhone

> The same 3.5-inch screen as the first generation variant

> But the main set of differences the iPhone 3G and its predecessor had are related to hardware.
> Runs on iOS 2.0
> Came with GPS, 3G network, triband UMTS/HSDPA.

> 2MP rear camera, same as the first gen variant

> Introduced App Store, a platform to access third party application compatible with an iPhone.



iPhone 3GS – June 19, 2009



> Slogan: The fastest, smartest phone yet
> The third generation iPhone – introduced at the WWDC 2009

> S stands for speed

> A few improvements include a 3MP ‘higher resolution’ camera, voice control, and 7.2 Mbps downloading support.

> Runs on iOS 3

> Went on to be on the racks for three years, until the iPhone 5 was launched.



iPhone 4 and the front facing camera – June 24, 2010



>Slogan: This changes everything. Again.
> Metal chassis
> 3.5-inch display

> 480x320p resolution
> Updated primary camera – 5MP

> First iPhone with front facing camera (0.3MP)

> Runs on iOS 4
> 512MB RAM



iPhone 4S and the Siri – October 14, 2011




> Slogan: The most amazing iPhone yet.

> First iPhone with Apple’s personal assistant Siri
> Improved hardware
> Released one week after Jobs’ death
> S stands for Siri, duh!
> 512MB RAM
> Runs on iOS 5
> Same 3.5-inch display

> Improved primary camera – 8MP Sony Exmor R
> 0.3MP selfie camera



iPhone 5, taller display, and Lighting connector – September 21, 2012



> Slogan: The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone

> Taller, 4-inch display
> Introduced lightning connector
> 8MP Sony Exmor primary camera
> Updated selfie camera – 1.2MP
> Runs on iOS 6
> 1440 mAh battery


iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, and the fingerprint sensor – September 20, 2013



iPhone 5C                                                       iPhone 5S

> iPhone 5C is the same iPhone 5 but with coloured body. (Sloganed ‘For the Colorful)
> iPhone 5S – one of the best iPhones ever made
> Slogan: You’re more powerful than you think.

> Runs on iOS 7
> 64GB internal memory
> 1560 mAh battery
> First iPhone with a fingerprint scanner
> 4-inch display
> 8MP Sony Exmor primary camera
> 1.2MP selfie camera



iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and the bigger displays – September 19, 2014



iPhone 6


> Slogan: The two and only

> iPhone 6 comes with 4.7-inch display
> iPhone 6 Plus comes with a 5.5-inch display
> Faster processors
> Run on iOS 8
> 128GB internal memory
> 8+1.2MP cameras
> Nicknamed as Bendgate, for their weaker bodies.


iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, and the pressure sensitive touch – September 25, 2015



iPhone 6S

> Slogan: The only thing that’s changed is everything.

> iPhone 6S comes with 4.7-inch display (1334x750p)
> iPhone 6S Plus comes with a 5.5-inch display (1920x1080p)
> Pressure sensitive touch
> Runs on iOS 9
> 128GB internal memory
> 12MP Sony Exmor RS rear camera

> 5MP selfie camera



iPhone SE and the nostalgia – March 31, 2016



iPhone SE

> Slogan: A big step for small

> Apple went back to iPhone 5S with this phone
> Same display size as the 5S
> Improved hardware, performance, and battery life
> Runs on iOS 9.3
> 128GB internal memory
> 4-inch Retina Display
> 1624 mAh battery


iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, water resistance, and dual camera – September 16, 2016



iPhone 7

> Slogan: This is 7

> iPhone 7 comes with 4.7-inch display
> iPhone 7 Plus comes with a 5.5-inch display

> 12MP rear camera (iPhone 7 Plus has dual camera)

> Improved selfie camera – 7MP
> Runs on iOS 10
> iPhone 7 has 2GB RAM
> iPhone 7 Plus has 3GB RAM
> Both the phones have 256GB internal memory
> The 7 and 7 Plus have 1960 mAh and 2900 mAh batteries respectively


Also, there’s a new iPhone, the iPhone 8 is going to storm out with flying colors very soon.

Let’s all take a moment and appreciate Apple for the wonderful run which the other companies could only dream of. All thanks to those two Steves, Jobs and Wozniak, who rather than doing small talk about hamburgers and weather, created something unimaginable which eventually changed the world.

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