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Buffalo Inc. is a Japanese electronics company focused on the manufacturing of network and storage products. It is a part of Melco Holdings Inc, the Buffalo brand was founded in 1975 and is currently led by the founder Makoto Maki. The company was initially founded as an audio equipment manufacturer. Later in 1981, they forayed into the computer peripheral market. The Melco has more than 14 subsidiaries, they are mostly involved in the manufacture of RAM products, Flash memory, USB, hard disks, LAN products, printers, and more. We present you with the Buffalo Hard disk price list in India.

The Buffalo External hard disk drives are widely available across the world. They offer secure mobile storage solutions and backup for your on-the-go lifestyle. There is a robust data protection feature for hardware encryption and shock resistance. The brand offers six ministation series, which vary according to the features. They are equipped with USB 3.0, USB 2.0 or Thunderbolt interface. There is plug and play compatibility with PC and Mac systems. Speed up to 5GB/s is promised for data drives with USB 3.0 interface support.

They come with a compact design, which makes them easy to carry on the go. The Buffalo hard disk lets you schedule backup so that the data is backed up even if you forget to take the backup. The Buffalo tools is a software suite bundled with these drives. They help enable automatic backups, conserve energy, and reduce battery consumption by regulating power usage of the hard drives. The TurboPC includes components to enhance the performance of Buffalo external hard disk.

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Buffalo Hard Disk Price List in India

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Latest Buffalo Hard Disk Price in India 2017

Buffalo Hard Disk Price Price
Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt (HD-PA1.0TU3) 1TB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard DriveRs. 24682
Buffalo MiniStation (HD-PCF500U3B) 500 GB External Hard DiskRs. 11240
Buffalo MiniStation Portable HD-PCFU3 1TB External Hard DiskRs. 10745