Bosch Refrigerator Price List

Bosch is a German conglomerate which has spread its services in many industries including Automotive parts, Home appliances, Power tools, and Electronics among others. Also, Bosch is the world’s largest manufacturer of automotive components. Founded 130 years ago, Bosch has been growing since with revenue of 73 billion Euros.

Bosch Refrigerators mostly come with above mid-range price tags. With very least number of failures on its manufacturing part, the company has been gaining the trust of customers internationally. A Bosch refrigerator of an entry level comes with Multi Air Flow cooling technology, Double Door, Rotatory Freezer Control, Height adjustable base, Removable Gasket, and Toughened Glass among others. Starting price of a Bosch refrigerator is around Rs 25000. Coming to an high-end Bosch fridge, it comes with additional features like Direct Cool technology, Double Twisted Icemaker, Toughened Glass, Removable, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal Gasket, and double-door.

The refrigerator market in India

While the per capita income has been significantly rising in India over the last few fiscal years, the lifestyle and living standards do reflect a change. What allures majority of the Indians is the plethora of features and advanced technological attributes that have been amalgamated by this home appliance manufacturers. Refrigerators sales are expected to grow with a CAGR of more than 5%. Even though the Indian refrigerator market is predominantly rule by companies ike LG, Samsung, Haier, Whirlpool, Kelvinator, the German-based Bosch has earned significant reputation by offering a wide variety of refrigerators made available at affordable Bosch refrigerator price.

About the company

The German-based Bosch is one of those companies that have always stayed in the forefront of innovative technologies while adding to the user experience. After being founded by Robert Bosch in 1886, the company opened its first factory in the year 1901. Before getting itself transformed into a limited liability company in the year 1917, the company was producing headlights as well as low voltage magneto for automobiles. They went into a strategic partnership with the Japanese company Denso after the Second World War. Today they take pride in being €81.87 billion entity and use the skills of 389,000 employees across the globe.

History of the company in India

After entering the Indian market in the year 1922, the company set up a sales office in the then Calcutta before opening its first manufacturing plant in India in 1951. Spread across the country, they are present in 10 locations and 7 application development centres work relentlessly in a bid to serve the Indian audience. The R&D facility present in Coimbatore and Bangalore is recognized as the company’s biggest facility outside Germany.

Here is the list of refrigerators offered by Bosch at economic Bosch refrigerator price along with their specifications:

Free Standing Top Freezer:

KDN53XI30I: This 454 litre top freezer refrigerator doesn’t only gift the user with large capacity but also paves the path for one to have fresh foods and vegetables with the help of the Vario Inverter that ensures low energy consumption. Starting at Bosch refrigerator price of Rs 57,990, this product has been manufactured in compliance with stainless steel that has the capacity to resist fingerprints. The inclusion of the in-door digital LED electronic panel facilitates the user with easy control over the temperature. Other features include ice-twister, multi airflow system, super freezing for pre-frozen food and so on.

KDN43VS30I: Having a capacity of 347 litre, this refrigerator embraces the user with fresh products and protects health by eliminating the bacteria with the help of the Airfresh filter while keeping the refrigerator free from odor. While low use of energy is ensured by the 3 Star rating, the incorporation of the cooling retention technology is adept enough to keep the foods chilled up to 16 hours. Offered at Bosch refrigerator price of Rs 45,500, this product is one of the best in its category.

KDN43VS20I: Unraveling the rejuvenating opportunity for one to have fresh foods at ease, this 347 litre refrigerator has been engineered to add to the convenience of the user as it amalgamates a number of cutting-edge technologies. While the presence of the VitaFresh feature enables the foods and vegetables to stay fresh for longer, the inclusion of the door air flow makes the daunting task of keeping sauce and water chilled for long. Monitoring the temperature within the fridge and freezer consistently, the Fresh Sense constant temperature within the fridge irrespective of the temperature outside. It is priced at affordable Bosch refrigerator price of Rs 41,990.

KDN43VR30I: Saving a huge cut on the pocket with the help of the 3 Star rating, this 347 litre top freezer refrigerator has been intended to distribute air in an even manner with the help of multi airflow system. In a bid to assist the user in saving time, the product has been embellished with NoFrost technology. The fridge compartment consists of 5 safety glass shelves, 4 door bins and LED interior light at the top. Made available in Chrome Inox-Metallic color, this refrigerator has been priced at Bosch refrigerator price of Rs 47,500.

KDN43VL40I: Amalgamating thoughtful features in order to cater to the freshness needs, this 347 litre refrigerator features an enhanced freshness system that comprises of two VitaFresh compartment, one multibox and air fresh filter that is known for killing the bacteria in the air. Offered at economic Bosch refrigerator price of Rs 35,990, this product has been made to be adept enough to bring down the temperature of the refrigerator in order to cool new groceries. It also features rotary freezer control, NoFrost feature etc.

KDN30VS30I: This 288 litre two-door top freezer refrigerator, offered at Bosch refrigerator price of Rs 32,690, offers repeated engrossment with the experience as it brings forward the combination of innovative features and performance. Besides preventing foods from getting contaminated by the bacteria, the air fresh filter makes sure that the smells don’t get mixed up. The products makes it easy for the user to have chilled drink, thanks to the ice-twister that can hold up to 20 ice cubes. Designed to keep the temperature consistent up to 14 hours in events of power cut, this refrigerator comes with door alarm and child lock as well.

Other models available at economic Bosch refrigerator price in this series are:

KDN30VR30I (Rs 36,900)

KDN30VS20I (Rs 32,500)

Free Standing Bottom Freezer:

KGN57AI40I: This 505 litre bottom freezer refrigerator has been manufactured with stainless steel that doesn’t only add to the interior but also brings home a modern design that has been made to be fingerprint resistant. Offered at high-end Bosch refrigerator price of rs 68,990, this product functions in the best manner possible in order to lower the energy consumption, thanks to the Vario Inverter. Relying of SuperCooling and SuperFreezing, this refrigerator is engineered to maintain uniform air circulation within the fridge. Neutralising odors in the refrigerator in compliance with the air fresh filter, it adds to the engrossment of the user.

Side by Side Refrigerator:

KAN92VI35I: Creating a perfect balance between temperature and humidity, this 658 litre refrigerator has been designed to take the freshness to the next level. Being crafted with care, it unravels the rejuvenating path for one to add to the modern home. Ensuring glare-free illumination, the LED lights are more powerful yet consume less electricity. Catering to the need of getting rid of worries regarding defrosting, the chiller intends to defrost automatically from time to time. Adding to the convenience of the user, faster cooling at fingertrip has been incorporated as well. It is priced at Bosch refrigerator price of Rs 95,550.

KAN92LB35I: Designed to seamless fit into any modern home, this 655 litre side by side refrigerator adorns itself in black glass door finishing which gives the interior a premium look. The presence of the VitaFresh Plus technology guarantees that both the original taste and flavor of vegetables and foods are maintaintained. Relying on unique German innovative technology, this refrigerator gifts the user with flexible spaces that are efficient enough to store vegetables of different sizes. All such outstanding features come at Bosch refrigerator price of Rs 1,26,126.

KAN56V40NE: This 618 litre side by side refrigerator is designed to become an integral part of the modish kitchen, thanks to its unsurpassed quality performance and metallic inox-door lock finishing. While longer freshness is guaranteed by the multi airflow system, the presence of NoFrost technology maintains low humidity and automatically defrosts the ice. Made available at Bosch refrigerator price of Rs 67,990, this product offers a convenient experience for the user with the help of the separate temperature control for freezer and refrigerator.

KAD92SB30: Featuring 636 litre capacity, this side by side refrigerator comes equipped with ice and water dispenser that is sufficient enough to add to the convenience as well as to ornament the ultra-modern interior of the user. Taking functionality to its crescendo, the refrigerator efficiently cools the foods and vegetables. The maintenance of the elevated level of humidity minimizes the damage and keeps the products stored fresh for long tether. Priced at Bosch refrigerator price of Rs 1,85,900, this product paves the path for one to enjoy the luxury of space, thanks to the four safety glass shelves and three easy pull out drawer compartments.

Why buy Bosch refrigerators

Despite the market being crowded with hundreds of refrigerators offered by different multinational companies, Bosch refrigerators offered at economic Bosch refrigerator price have been adored by many over years. And, here is why:

Unique German Innovation: Stuffed with unique German innovative technologies, the refrigerators offered by Bosch at affordable Bosch refrigerator price add to the convenience while ensuring a smooth experience.

Luxury of Space: Catering to the need of having more space, the refrigerators by Bosch allow the user to have spacious interiors, thanks to the geometry and insulation solution incorporated by Bosch.

Elegance to the Interior: Helping the user to add elegance to the interior, the refrigerators offered by Bosch come adorned with premium look.

Coming to the warranty period, most of the Bosch refrigerators come with one-year product warranty and 10 years of compressor warranty. Although, according to the Bosch regulations, the product warranty does not cover any physical damages or mishandlings but only manufacturing defects. In case of any queries or complaints, you can reach a nearby Bosch service center, which also basically provides Bosch fridge spare parts.

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Latest Bosch Refrigerator Price List in India 2018

Bosch Refrigerator Price ListPrice
Bosch KDN30VS30I 3S 288 Litres Double Door Refrigerator Rs. 30420
Bosch Vita Fresh KDN43VR30I 3S 347 Litres Double Door Refrigerator Rs. 38999
Bosch KDN30VS20I 2S 288 Litres Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator Rs. 28060
Bosch KDN43VS20I 348 L 2S Double Door RefrigeratorRs. 38790
Bosch Vita Fresh KDN30VR30I 3S 288 Litres Double Door Refrigerator Rs. 31540