Binatone Router Price List

Binatone was established in 1958 in the United Kingdom by Lalvani brothers. It is a billion dollar telecommunications equipment manufacturer, which serves in more than 55 countries. The company is a leading networking equipment provider for many leading telecommunication operators in India and around the world. Networks like Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communications, and Tata Teleservices are one of their hardware business partner. They have a wide range of Binatone routers available in India for sale online and offline.

Here’s a whole Binatone router price list along with the information on where you could find the cheapest Binatone router in India online. We share listings of various leading e-commerce platforms in India like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, and more.  

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Binatone Router Price List in India

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Latest Binatone Router Price List in India 2018

Binatone Router Price ListPrice
Binatone WR1505N3 150 Mbps Wireless RouterRs. 681
Binatone BW0241N3 150 Mbps RouterRs. 3500
Binatone WR1500N Wireless RouterRs. 850
Binatone WR1500N3 Wireless RouterRs. 975
Binatone WR3005N3 300 Mbps Wireless RouterRs. 919

All About Binatone Router

Binatone routers first came into existence when the company decided to shift their focus from Audio & Video equipments. The company was the first in Europe to sell fixed line consumer products and that marked the beginning of change. They currently compete with brands like Cisco, D-Link, TP Link, and claim to have more than 70% share in the B2B wired broadband market in India. Whereas it has 10% shares in the B2C marketplace as it aims higher in the future. Apart from its own brands like Binatone, iDECT, and Voxtel, the company claims that it has been quite successful when it comes to managing product groups for other brands like Motorola and AEG. Acting as an OEM partner for these brands, you would see different products like landline, cordless, GSM mobiles, and Digital monitors. Headquarters of company has been shifted to Hong Kong as a strategic alliance for building business in Asia where the growth for internet solutions is unlimited.

Binatone Router Specifications

When shopping for routers you have to take three factors in mind - Wi-Fi range, Wi-Fi Speed and Wi-Fi Technology. These are the factors that will decide how far, and fast routers can reach. Also, which technologies are supported. Binatone routers offer best in class specifications that is in compliance with the current industry standards. Whether you talk about ADSL or VDSL modem, Binatone router has everything you require to launch your internet connection into the wireless world. From indoor routers to outdoor, Binatone router offers high performance connectivity on every part of your home/office.

    Types of Binatone Router

      Why are Binatone Routers different from other routers?

      Finding a value for money product is quite hard in this realm of router brands. The market is flooded with cheapest and most expensive routers. You can’t be sure of the product quality by the price. Binatone routers claims to offer best quality at affordable price tag and that is what set it apart from other brands in the industry. The British brand claims to offer satisfactory after-sales service to its business partners and consumers. And that’s the USP of Binatone routers.

      Why buy on BestPriceOn?

      You must do a comparison before finalizing a product. It’s not a 21st-century thing, consumers have always and will always continue to compare in order to find a value in their investment. Only difference between back then and now is the physical work, which has now reduced with the convenience of online shopping. But that has only give rise to a different type of shopping era. An era which is likely to get confused with so many brands and products available at a click of a button. The industry has overdone certain things, which has lead to a mess of things. Thus, affecting the decision of consumers. Rise of e-commerce platforms is the primary reason for such chaos among consumers. With BestPriceOn, you can easily clear your confusions regarding what is best for you. Finding a product that suits your requirement is made easy on our website. Whether you talk about searching products, comparing or finding the cheapest price at e-commerce stores, all these things are taken care at BestPriceOn. And that’s why you must buy on our website to have great shopping experience.

      Frequently Asked Question On Binatone Router

      • 1. Do Binatone routers come with RJ45 port?

        Yes. But only the VDSL modems and not the ADSL modem as they require a landline connection, for which RJ11 port is required, but not RJ45.

      • 2. Tell me, the warranty period of Binatone routers in India?

        The standard warranty of Binatone routers is three years under which users are entitled to get cost-free repair for manufacturing defects or replacement if need be.

      • 3. I want to know the Binatone router’s IP Address to open login page?

        You can access login page on Binatone routers by entering any of these three IP Addresses;, or Then you’ll be asked for username and password. Enter the default credentials if you haven’t changed already.

      • 4. Can I use Binatone cable for my Fibre cable internet connection?

        No. The Binatone routers doesn’t support fibre cable internet connection.

      • 5. Does the firmware of Binatone routers support DNS settings?

        Yes. The firmware of Binatone routers support the DNS settings. To access the DNS settings, first you have to login to the router using a system and then launch the DNS section to modify the settings according to the requirements.