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Best Phones Under Rs.5000

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Phones Under Rs.5000

Are you browsing for a new mobile, but in budget? No worries, here are the flagship smartphones for you that meet your pocket limits. Budget phones are stealing the space in mobile market with their outrunning features.

However, the concept of smartphones is not economical. But with some flagship smartphones, the mobile market has entered into the budget zone. But don't worry, these cheap smartphones deliver exceptional performances with decent storage options and battery life.

Here are our favourite budget phones, which are under 5000. Come and explore the budget models, and get one for yourself at a reasonable price tag. This is a single stop space to buy cheap phones with superlative performances.

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Best Phones Under Rs.5000

Best Phones Under Rs.5000 Price
Micromax X910ARs. 1,599
Celkon C108Rs. 999
Celkon C23Rs. 1,099
Celkon Millennia Q599 UfeelRs. 3,889
Celkon Millennia StarRs. 4,849
Champion Z1 StarRs. 1,060
Gfive President SharkRs. 3,940
Gionee P5 MiniRs. 4,510
Iball 2.4X Premio 2Rs. 1,115
InFocus Bingo 20Rs. 4,788