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Company origin: Beetel, which is now rebranded as Brightstar, is a child company of Indian company Bharti Enterprises. Founded in 1984, Beetel manufactures communication devices like routers and telephones. It was one of the world’s largest producers of landline phones and also is a household name in India and many other Asian countries. With the revenue of over $ 16 billion, the Bharti Enterprises holds the full rights of Beetel.

After it got rebranded as Brightstar, the company has grown with good turnovers. The distribution of the products, according to the company, has reached across India in more than 500 distributors and 10000 retailers. Claiming to be simplifying the wireless world, the Brightstar is ‘making mobile technology accessible to everyone’.

Also, many of us don’t know that Brightstar is a subsidiary company of SoftBank Group Corporation. Flipkart is one of the other few companies which have ties with the Japanese banking giant. Headquartered in Gurgaon, the Brightstar houses over 700 employees.


A mid-range Beetel router comes with the frequency speed of 2.1GHz, 7.2 Mbps speed, USB cable, and an internal antenna. You can directly connect the USB cable to your data card and it converts into Wi-Fi source. Additional features of these routers include Ethernet Convertor, Wireless media sharing, and Wireless Repeater. Also, it can act as a Portable Mobile charger when needed.

These Beetel routers start at a price of INR 1299 and go up to INR 2500, based on their connectivity speed, number of antennas and other factors. These routers will come boxed along with a Splitter, RJ11 cable, power adapter, and a Quick Installation Guide.

Most of these routers from Beetel comes with Plug and Play feature, where you don’t need any software to install. A standard Beetel router, which comes with one year warranty, is compatible with almost all operating systems such as Android, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Services and Warranty:

When it comes to warranty, these Beetel routers come with one year of manufacturing company guarantee. In the case of any queries or complaints, you can approach a nearby Beetel service center. Claiming to be committed to providing a world-class customer service, Beetel/Brightstar has 72 service centers across the country.

You can walk in and get your damaged or dysfunctioning router repaired by top notch service. Beetel claims that they house a team of qualified engineers who implement innovative solutions to customers’ unique requirements.

You can visit the company’s official website and search through their list of service centers to find one that is near you. Also, in the case of any complaints or help, you can call up to Beetel customer care center at toll-free number 1800 102 3456 and can even mail them at [email protected].


Even though the company has changed a lot of hands and names in their over 30 years of run, Beetel routers have never lost their quality and efficiency in serving its customers. And as it is made by Bharti Airtel itself, there’s no doubt you can go for these routers blindfolded.


Q. How do I log into my router?

Connect your router to any computer. Open a browser and you will be asked the login Id and password of your router.

Q. Where can I find the login details of my router?

You can find the required credentials of your router at the bottom of it, on a label.

Q. How do I change my router admin password?

Go to Settings > Advanced > Administration > Password. Changing your password once in awhile makes your network non-vulnerable.

Q. My internet speed is very low, even when I am close to the router. Why?

This happens due to your router’s interference with other nearby routers. To avoid this, make sure Bluetooth is switched off in your mobile, don’t place your router near any microwaves or wireless devices, and place your router at a good height to avoid interference.

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Beetel 450TC3 PCI Internal Modem RouterRs. 1299