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If smartphone is all you look at all day, then, you most definitely a power bank. Despite Android smartphones coming up with high capacity battery, it is still believed that they lack good battery life. That’s where power banks comes into play. They retain power for your devices to charge on the go. Axess power bank is one of the options you have got in the pool of power banks brands.Axess power banks culminate the 70 years development experience in the consumer electronics. The company leverages that to introduce industry leading portable chargers for smartphone consumers. Offering the versatile range of power banks, Axess power banks specifications are well sort out according to the requirements. They come in various packages including 2600 mAh, 5000 mAh, and 10400 mAh. They are on the costlier side when compared with other brands. Axess power banks price in India starts at Rs 1799 for lowest capacity model and moves up to Rs 5,155 for highest capacity model.

Axess Power Bank Price List in India

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Latest Axess Power Bank Price in India 2017

Axess Power Bank Price Price
AXESS 5000mAh Power BankRs. 3458
AXESS PP3125 2600mAh Power BankRs. 1799
AXESS 10400mAh Power BankRs. 5155

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