Asus Smart Watch Price List

Taiwanese brand Asus was founded by T.H.Hung in 1989. The phrase Asus was generated from the last four letters of “Pegasus” the winged horse of Greek mythology. It is one of the technology-oriented brands which has around ten thousand employees across the world. In 2009,  it established its other manufacturing branches in Luzhu, Nangan and Guishan, in Taiwan; Suzhou and Chongqing in Mainland China; Cluded Juarez in Mexico; and Ostrava in Czech-Republic. Asus beliefs "Inspiring Innovation • Persistent Perfection".

It supports a social program called "PC recycling for a brighter future.” In 2008, it won around 3056 awards, in the same year Asus owned 8.1 billion U.S. Dollars and stands in the top position.

Asus provides products like desktops, laptops, netbooks, mobile phones, networking equipment, monitors, projectors, motherboards, graphics cards, optical storage, multimedia products, peripherals, servers, workstations, tablet PCs, smart watches and more.

Among them mobile phones play a prominent role in India. It delighted users with Zenfone series.The company has 50 service sites across 32 nations and has around 400 service partners worldwide.

Now, it made its presence in smartwatch category which allows you to experience some additional features along with timekeeping. Asus has been able to run wild with its ample features and has added some ingredients to carve its identification in this segment. It provides some extraordinary features like water resistance, changeable straps, watch faces, face designer, long lasting battery life, and fitness tracker. We can connect our mobiles from afar and get alerts and notifications. Asus smart watches allows you to play music, shop, book tickets, and more.

Asus competes with many other brands like Apple Smart Watch and Motorola Smart Watch in this category. Asus M00H20 Vivo Smartwatch and Asus ZenWatch 2 MSP9404 Smartwatch got good reviews

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Asus Smart Watch Price List in India

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  • Rs.10000 and below (1)
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  • Alcatel(1)
  • Apple(2)
  • Asus(2)
  • Bbroz(1)
  • Bingo(1)
  • Callmate(1)
  • Casio(0)
  • Crocon(1)
  • EgreenTech(0)
  • Epresent(2)
  • Fitbit(2)
  • GOQii(0)
  • Garmin(13)
  • General(0)
  • Huawei(1)
  • Intex(1)
  • Kenxinda(2)
  • Kingshen(4)
  • Medulla(2)
  • Mobilegear(0)
  • Motorola(2)
  • Noise(1)
  • Pebble(0)
  • Polar(0)
  • Portronics(0)
  • Runtastic(1)
  • Samsung(2)
  • Shan(0)
  • Sony(0)
  • Titan(1)
  • U(0)
  • UNI(0)
  • Xelectron(0)
  • TicWatches(0)
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  • Android 4.2.1 and Below(0)
  • Android 4.3(1)
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Latest Asus Smart Watch Price List in India 2018

Asus Smart Watch Price ListPrice
Asus ZenWatch 2Rs. 10900
Asus M00H20 Vivo SmartwatchRs. 9990