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Apple Inc. is one of those brands which doesn’t need any introduction. The American multinational tech giant manufactures consumer electronics, computer hardware/software, digital distribution, and corporate venture digital products. Founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs & Steven Wozniak, the company is the world’s largest information technology by both revenue and total assets. Headquartered in California, the company has been going forward with revenue of over $ 215 billion.

Generally called as Apple Watch, the brand’s smartwatches were started in 2015. The watch became the best selling wearable device with over 4 million being sold in a single quarter. After Apple Watch, the company launched the next versions in the name of Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch Series 2 in last year’s September. Apple smartwatch price in India is Rs 19000. With rectangular dial and digital clock face, the Apple Watch comes with a 1.5-inch capacitive multi-touch screen and operating system of Watch OS v1.

The Smartwatch Market in India:

A smartwatch is a wearable device, which includes a display and a computer and The Indians are gradually getting warmed up with the smart wearable devices. The average price around Rs. 12000-15000 range still mark them as premium devices in India. Though in 2016, there was significant dip in smartwatch market in India, experts predict a booming market for smart wearable devices this year. Globally, the smartwatch market has grown around 18% in the year 2017 with Apple continue to dominate worldwide smartwatch market.

In India, a couple of years back, the notion was that a smartwatch becomes necessary only when it is able to control car, house, lights etc. and synchronises well with other devices. However, this idea has changed very fast and India has become a huge market for all smartwatch conglomerates.

About the Company:

Founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1976, Apple Inc. is an American multinational company, which manufactures and sells computer software, consumer electronics and various hardware products. On the basis of revenue generated, Apple is the world’s largest information technology company. Apple takes pride in being known as the most valuable brand on earth. Apple has come up a long way since its first product Apple I, and now their range of products includes Mac personal computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, HomePod, Apple Watch etc. in hardware; and Mac OS, iOS, iLife, iWork, iTunes, iCloud etc. in software.

Though Apple’s products are highly acclaimed by critics for their superior technology, during 1990s Apple Inc. saw a decline in sales due to the high price tags and limited software- availability of their products. More budget-friendly products from competitors, especially from Microsoft Windows caused diminished sales of Macintosh computers leading to Steve Jobs’ resignation from Apple Inc. He opened his own company called NeXT. However, in 1997, Apple brought Steve jobs back and bought his company NeXT. Under Jobs’ able leadership, Apple again tasted success. In 1997 Jobs launched iPhone, which was a huge success both economically and critically. In January 2016, Apple proudly announced that one billion of their devices are actively used globally. In 2017, Apple collected a total of USD 229 billion worldwide as revenue.

History of the company in India:

The CEO of Apple Inc., Mr. Cook visited India in 2016, which was the first visit by a CEO of the company. Next to China, India offers a huge market for Apple devices. Though Indian buyers are very much price-sensitive, there is no doubt among the trade analysts that there is a vast market for Apple products in India in the near future.

As for the Apple Watch, it officially started selling in India during 2015 end at a price starting around Rs. 31000. Among total global smartwatch shipments, Apple Watches contained about 52% last year, despite only launching in April. This is a huge share in comparison to Android Wear, which consisted of only 10% of global sales. A survey conducted in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru revealed that the basic version of Apple Watch is selling the most, while the other expensive variants, priced at Rs. 100000 or more are not generally stocked in the outlets and are available on prior bookings.

Below is the list of smartwatches offered by Apple Inc. and their price:

Apple Watch Series 1:

It was previously known as Apple Watch, and during the launch of Series 2, the improved version of Apple Watch was named Series 1. Apple Watch Series 1 is equipped with dual-core Apple S1 processor in an aluminium body with a choice of wristbands. This can be termed as a miniature iPhone wrapped around the wrist, and it is compatible with iPhones. The device is square-shaped with curved edges and comes in 42 mm and 38 mm variants. The RAM is 512 MB, and there is 8 GB of fixed internal storage. The connectivity is provided by Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz, and Bluetooth 4.2. The display is OLED Retina display with Force Touch, consisting of Ion-X glass. Screen resolution is 272x340 pixels for 38 mm variant, and 312x390 pixels for 42 mm variant. The power is provided by a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which gives about 18 hours of power. The watch comes with a magnetic charging cable. Other features include built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, heart-rate sensor, ambient light sensor. The watch is splash resistant. The personal assistant Siri is always there to help with various performances.

As of 24th January 2018, Apple smartwatch series 1 price is ₹ 18900 in Flipkart and Amazon India.

Apple Watch Series 2:

Apple Watch Series 2, compatible with iPhone 5 or later, comes with new hardware and software features, as well as new choices of wristbands. Apple offers three main variants in this series with both 38 mm and 42 mm sizes based on the case material – aluminium, stainless steel and ceramic white. Options are there for bands, such as, Sport band, leather band, stainless steel band (with stainless steel case), Nike Sport band (Apple Watch Nike), Hermes band (Apple Watch Hermes) are available.

Series 2 has watchOS 3, which is an improved version of previous operating system. It has a new, faster dual-core S2 processor. The second generation OLED display is claimed to be 2x brighter than Series 1. Graphic performance is also two times better with a new GPU. The device has built in GPS, Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz), Bluetooth 4.0. Heart rate sensor, Accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor are all there. This series is water resistant up to 50 m and is suitable for swimming or other shallow water activities. The watch is powered by built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery and comes with both magnetic charging cable as well as USB power adapter. New apps like ViewRanger hiking, Night Sky, Breathe etc. are available in Series 2.

Apple smartwatch Series 2 price varies from around ₹ 23900 to ₹ 64900 in different sites. The price is least with aluminium case and maximum with ceramic case. Nike+ versions are also at a higher price range than the basic models. The online portals like Flipkart, Amazon etc. stock a number of variants of Apple Watch Series 2.

Apple Watch Series 3:

Series 3 is the latest version of Apple Watch. This device comes in GPS model, or GPS with Cellular model. It is provided with dual-core S3 processor, with a RAM of 768 MB, and an internal storage of 16 GB. A non-removable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers the watch for up to 18 hours. The device runs on watchOS 4, supports the personal assistant Siri, who can work upon voice commands. The apps are more advanced than the previous models, like Heart Rate app shows heart rate even while resting, gives more insights during workout, recovery and walking sessions. The watch has a number of connectivity features. Usual Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS are there. In addition it hosts GLONASS, A-GPS and NFC. LTE cellular radio allows the user to answer calls even when away from the iPhone. It can stream music form various platforms including Apple Music.

The watch has a 1.65-inch 2nd- generation OLED retina display panel with a resolution of 390x312 (42 mm), covered with a scratch resistant Ion-X glass. It can be used for shallow water activities as it is water resistant up to 50 m. This device supports AirPower mat. It requires iPhone 5s or later with iOS 11 or later.

All models come in various case and strap combinations. The base price of Apple Watch Series 3 in India is ₹ 31900, with different combinations of straps and casings priced at different ranges.

Apple Watch Nike+:

Apple Watch Nike+ is a variant of Apple Watch Series 3 that comes with a Nike sport band. The band has unique compression-moulded perforations for improved ventilation. This watch targets the sports enthusiasts and is packed with a host of workout and fitness apps. It has S2 dual-core processor, built-in GPS, scratch-resistant Ion-X glass, 2x brighter OLED Retina display, Force Touch. It features a built-in altimeter which tracks elevation, more real-time statistics are available during workout sessions. The watch can be paired up with gym equipment for a seamless experience. The watch displays time in both digital and analogue style, Nike+ Run Club app can be launched from the face with one tap. Nike+ Run Club app motivates, guides and keeps track of the workout session with various statistics. In addition to these, the watch has all the features of Apple Watch Series 3. This smartwatch also comes in 38 mm and 42 mm sizes, with Space grey or Silver Aluminium case.

This smartwatch comes in a price band of ₹ 45000 and above at the common online stores.

Why buy Apple Watch?

The reasons that make the buyers to choose Apple Watch over other smartwatch brands are many.

·         It keeps the user organized. It is said that Apple Watch ‘liberates’ the user from smartphone. In addition to tell times, all the apps are there on the turn of wrist only. Sometimes, it is incredibly easy to keep all important tasks organized.

·         It motivates to stay fit and healthy. Apple Watch tracks every movement of its owner and sends reminder to keep walking, and exercising. It cheers up the user and encourages the user to be active and fit.

·         It makes communication easy. It is very convenient to make or answer a call with Apple Watch, especially when one uses a big iPhone and has to scramble it out from pocket or bag. Short messages and texts can be sent easily from this smartwatch.

·         It controls the Apple TV remotely. Apple Watch lets remotely control several Apple devices like Apple TV, iPhone camera etc.

Also, the Apple Watch comes with Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, NFC, Accelerometer, and Gyro among others. This smartwatch can show notifications of text messages, alarm, incoming calls, weather and you can also make and receive calls directly from this device. And, the Apple smartwatch keeps track of your heart rate, the number of steps taken, and sleep quality.

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Apple Smart Watch Price List in India

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Apple Watch Space Gray Aluminum case with Black woven nylon Band 42mmRs. 29900
Apple Watch Sport Silver Aluminium case white sport Band 38mmRs. 22900