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AOC is short for Admiral Overseas Corporation. The company was found in Chicago by Ross Siragusa. The company was previously the Asian arm of Admiral corporation. Later in 1967, it was established in Taiwan after selling 5 million TV sets. Only later it was renamed as AOC international in 1979. The brand started expanding its reach globally in the year 1982. By 1999, they have offices in the US, Europe, China and Brazil. This was followed by New Zealand, Australia, India and Mexico. Currently, the company is selling its products in over 40 countries.

About AOC

Admiral International is a private company that manufactures Television Sets, tablets, and high-definition displays. Their products are being sold in over 40 countries and they currently have over 10,000 employees. They are an info 200 company that ranked 56th in the year 2006. The same year they were the named the “Fast growing in the LCD monitor market”. They also received several awards in the years 2007 and 2008 in India for their products. They are currently a 12 million US dollar business. They are known for launching user-friendly and innovative products that improvise the consumer’s lifestyle. Their year of experience has accounted for best quality products like LED and LCD Televisions. All this is proved by the awards received by the brand. They have never compromised on the quality in order to maintain their brand value. The products are affordable, reliable, and the after sale service is good as well.

AOC in India

AOC in India provides the latest Television sets and monitors with high definition displays. They are loaded with features like Anti-blue technology, multiple language support, wide angles, and IPS. They also have USB and HDMI support that helps you enjoy content from other devices on the big screen. The reason for their success in India is the quality that comes at an affordable price.

The television market in India

Televisions are an inevitable part of our everyday lives. They are constantly evolving with technology and becoming smarter. With the launch of Ultra HD TV’s that give lifelike picture quality, their market has been soaring high. They have multiple uses for education and advertising apart from entertainment. Both urban and rural markets in India have seen a growth when it comes to these channels of mass communication. With the increase in disposable income, the demand is increasing simultaneously. To add to this, company’s are at war for providing cheaper products resulting in more pocket-friendly products. Onida, VU, Samsung, and LG are currently the market leaders. But the country has been welcoming other international brands like AOC as well.

Why AOC?

AOC has a diverse range of products to suit everyone’s needs and desires. There is something to fit into everyone’s budget. They have received a good response from their consumers in India. The TV sets come bearing the latest technology that provides a great viewing experience for everyone. Some of their TV’s come with features like a 3D comb filter, HDMI, and USB ports, stereo sound, and connects here. They are HD ready and full HD models are provided by them. All these TV’s have different categories like low range, mid-range, and high range prices.

There is no reason to look away from their products when they come at reasonable prices and good quality. AOC will surely help you improve your entertainment experience. Businesses can also use them to advertise their products.

AOC LE24M1270/6:

The AOC LE24M1270/61 comes with a 23.6-inch display with 1080p full HD resolution. This small television set is perfect for your house as well as the office. It can be mounted on a wall or put on a shelf. The size provides good mobility for the product. Since the company is committed to the environment, this product comes with an eco display that cuts down 40% of the power consumed when compared to others. This TV can easily turn into a gaming unit for you. With two HDMI ports, you can connect your gaming consoles and enjoy HD gaming. With USB and PC support, any movie, video, or multimedia file can be viewed on the large screen. It has stereo sound and 8W sound output.

The AOC LE24M1270/61 is priced at INR 12490 in India.

AOC LE32M1270/6:

The AOC LE32M1270/61 is a 31.5-inch TV that comes with an HD ready display. It is neither too small nor too big. It is the perfect size for every family to enjoy. It comes with Eco-display technology that will help you save on your power consumption by 40% which is a great deal. The TV can be put anywhere or even mounted on the wall. If you want to play games you can connect the console using the two HDMI ports. AOC TV’s come with PC input service which lets you directly connect your laptops to the TV to watch movies online. All these features and it is still affordable. The AOC LE32M1270/61 is priced at INR 18990.


The LE40M1270/6 is one of the best TV’s by AOC because of the perfect screen size and comes bearing a 38.5-inch display which is HD ready. Like all TV’s from AOC this one also helps you save up to 40% on your electricity bill thanks to Eco display. Unlike the rest, it comes with 3 HDMI ports. So basically, it’s not just a TV but an entertainment centre. You can play games, watch movies online and connect other devices to share content. All this comes for a very reasonable price of INR 26990.


The LE24V30M6/61 is a very compact and affordable Television by AOC.  it has everything you need for a very pocket-friendly price. It is easy to move around so that you can place it anywhere. It is perfect for offices, advertising and bedrooms. The 24-inch display is HD ready so you get the best quality output. You can enjoy watching movies online using the PC input mode. It has two HDMI ports as well. It saves 40% power thanks to Eco display. Overall it is a good choice. The AOC LE24V30M6/61 is priced at INR 11990.


The AOC LE32V30M6/61 comes with In-Plane Switching that provides an even better viewing experience for you and your family. The 32-inch TV has everything you need for your entertainment on a daily basis. Two HDMI ports make it an entertainment centre for you. Ever after so much fun, you save on electricity bill every time. The AOC LE32V30M6/61 comes at an affordable price of INR 18990.


The LE40V50M6/61 comes with a 40-inch display which is good enough for your living room. Full HD 1080 resolution will make sure you have a great time watching videos and movies. Using the connectivity features like PC connect, USB and HDMI you can share media with other devices or play songs from the USB. It also has Eco display technology that helps you save the electricity bill. The AOC LE40V50M6/61 is priced at INR 35990 in India.


The AOC LE43F60M6/61 comes with best in class technology like IPS and a full HD 1080 display. This 43-inch TV will add style to your interiors due to its elegant design. It has good connectivity features as well. The 2 HDMI ports and PC connectivity are all you need for your daily needs. The LE43F60M6/61 is priced reasonably at INR 40990.


The AOC LE49F60M6/61 is one of the biggest Televisions by AOC. It comes with a 49-inch display that makes sure you have a gala time watching TV. It brings theatre into your home with its full HD 1080 resolution. IPS technology is the cherry on the cake. The standard connectivity options like HDMI, PC and USB come along to make a complete package. There are no second thoughts needed for this one. The AOC LE49F60M6/61 is priced at INR 49990.

Why us?

Choosing from so many devices can be very confusing. There are so many models to choose from. With Bestpriceon you can have a look at detailed expert reviews, compare prices and make the best choice for yourself. We also help you connect to websites where you can directly buy the product.

AOC International, previously known as Admiral Overseas Corporation, is a Taiwanese multinational company which is famously known for its LED and CRT monitors. Founded back in 1934, AOC was one of the first colour TV manufacturers worldwide. Also, AOC stands at 3 in the monitor category of Best Brands Survey. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, the company products, including monitors, LED TVs, and tablets, are available in more than 40 countries.

An entry-level AOC LED TV comes with a 24-inch screen, 1366x768p resolution, HD Ready, 1 HDMI port, 2 USB ports, Stereo Sound, and Connectshare. Connectshare is the feature where you can just plug in your USB device to the TV and play media. These models would cost around Rs 13000. On the other hand, a 40-inch AOC TV, which is the high-range, comes with Full HD resolution, 3D Comb Filter, 8ms response time, 176-degree view angle, Auto volume leveller, Connectshare, 1 HDMI and 1 USB ports. Such models come with a price tag of around Rs 22000.

These AOC LED TVs to come with 1-year basic product warranty. However, the company guidelines specify that the warranty does not cover any physical damages or mishandlings, but only manufacturing defects. And, in any case of complaints or queries, you can always reach for AOC customer service 24x7, or reach a nearby AOC service centre.

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Latest AOC Television Price List in India 2018

AOC Television Price ListPrice
AOC LE24A3340-61 24 Inch HD Ready LED TV Rs. 12276
AOC LE40V50M5/61 40 Inch Full HD LED TV Rs. 24500
Aoc LE32V30M6/61 32 Inch HD Ready LED TVRs. 14132