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Since the inception of computers, life has never been the same. Right from simple calculations to creating documents, emails, and even watching movies or playing games is now possible with just a click. With development in technology you might witnessed transition in our lifestyle. In fact, we tend to buy those things that not only are sufficient to fulfill our basic needs, but they also those that add to our convenience. On one hand, where things are getting easier, we would also love to make our computer requirements easier. The first priority was to be able to use the computer anywhere and everywhere. Yet laptops come with another set of problems like many of them are heavy and booting sometimes takes time. Hence, tablets come in the picture to eliminate these trivial things and makes things much simpler.

Ambrane, a Delhi based electronics brand that has made a benchmark with a range of best Power Banks in India. Ambrane is also an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. As they approach towards their journey of expanding with electronic products, they have started producing Ambrane Tablets. These set of Ambrane PC Tablets redefine the world of entertainment. With these, you get the freedom to carry it around without any burden. Adding to the convenience of portability, you get a powerful battery giving you a whole day of fun with the Tablet. Thanks to the large display of the Ambrane tablets you can enjoy watching your favorite movies and series without harming your eyesight. Also, with an Ambrane tablet, you get an amazing gaming experience to kill your free time and save you from boredom.

It is evident that Ambrane has it complete attempts to serve you with the best, you will not be disappointed after getting yourself an Ambrane Tablet. The pocket-friendly prices of the Ambrane Tablets is the icing on the cake. Hence, you don’t even need to worry to save up or break your savings to buy one. So far, Ambrane has a range of four Tablets; A3 7 Plus, AQ 700, AQ 880, and AQ 11. Each of these tablets has different features and specifications that are designed according to the different requirements in the market. Check out BestPriceOn so that you can easily decide which one of the Ambrane tablets suits you as BestPriceOn tells you the specification of each and tells you the best deal you can get with it.  

About Ambrane

Presently in India, when you ask any tech expert about the best power bank to buy, Ambrane is a brand that’s often suggested. Ambrane company was established in the year 2012 as Ambrane India Private Limited situated in the center of the capital Delhi. The company is trustworthy as it comes with an ISO 9001:2015 Certificate that establishes a good quality. The company had started with an intention of manufacturing and selling the best power banks. With this motive, they researched and picked out the basic features that are much needed in a power bank. All of the requirements were plotted down with the number and the kind of devices that are used by a majority of the population in India. The basic points if could define its power bank range is great quality, versatile and affordable for the consumer. Finally, Ambrane came out with their first set of power banks in 2012 and become the number one choice of most power bank users.

As Ambrane started with an intention of providing the best quality, in 2013, the company opened 500 service centers across India so that the power bank consumers can get their products repaired or serviced immediately saving a lot of time and money. Also, they also came up with their own website that consumers can use to know about their product range or contact the service center. Yet, Ambrane did not stop and kept  progressing. The attempts and hard work are evident as each time they launch a new product, it is much better and advanced in technology than the previous one. For example, last year they launched the PQ-800 series of power banks that had Qualcomm quick charging feature enabling the power bank to charge phone at a speed 75% faster than the regular ones.

With this big hit, Ambrane decided to expand with other mobile embellishments that are of superior and durable quality with budget-friendly prices. These products mainly make our travel more convenient. So far, with power banks, they have entered the rest of the market of electronic products that come with an objective to make our daily tasks easier. PC Tablets come second in the list after Power Banks.  They have other impressive product ranges like Mobile Recharge stations that are useful in Corporate Board meetings, Restaurants, etc. to charge mobile phones and other devices. They also have a range of Fitness Bands and Smartwatches.


Product range:

As mentioned above several times, Ambrane is coming up with a range of other products to expand. This is surely great news for us as we will get served with the best of technology without much expense. So far Ambrane has come up with around 14 types of products other than the Power Bank.

The Ambrane Tablets range is probably the latest range of products by the company. The release date of the first Ambrane Tablet was in the year 2016. The range of tablets was launched with a motive to provide you with a portable gadget equivalent to your personal computer. If you go to buy an Ambrane tablet, you will get to choose between four options. Each of the tablets is designed for different usage. This helps you make the right pick in Tablets according to your requirements. Ambrane has also made sure that you get a suitable tablet for yourself based on the quality and features rather than its cost, as the price of Ambrane Tablets is under INR. 6000. To know more about their features and specifications, check out

When it comes to the rest of the products, another interesting gadget by Ambrane is the Mobile Recharge center. This product is used at places that people visit in between  travel or are staying at that location for a long time. For example, roundtable conferences, restaurants, airports, stalls at a fest, etc. People that visit can simply plug in their devices to the recharge stations and let it charge as long as they are at that place.The Mobile Recharge station is one of a kind product by the company.

Ambrane also produces smartwatches and fitness bands that are helpful to test your health or organize your day without having to use your phone. They also have a number of Smart Wall Chargers and Car chargers that are powerful and efficient while you are out on a trip. Ambrane has a bunch of robust USB cables for both Android phones and iPhones. Last but not the least, Ambrane comes with an impressive range of wireless speakers and earphones that come with features compatible with different situations.

When you are looking forward to a trip, you need some electronics for all your devices. For this Ambrane has a provision. You get a travel kit by Ambrane that comes with a power bank, Aux cable, USB cable, Charger, and car charger at a much cheaper price.

Ambrane Tablets:

As the company has recently launched the Ambrane Tablets range, you get to see four of these present in the market. They are the A3 7 Plus, AQ 700, AQ 880, and the AQ 11. Undoubtedly, these tablets have their own set of features that are designed for different purposes. But what’s common in them is that each has an elegant look with a plain white color. The appearance of the tablets is simple and minimalistic. Each has a front camera that is useful for video calling or capturing stunning selfies. This goes unmentioned, that the Ambrane Tablets have a huge display size. It not only gives us the view of a good picture quality but adds to our movie or gaming experience. As Ambrane has a great reputation for portable chargers, you can guess how good the battery of these tablets is. Below mentioned are the individual features of the tablets.

The A3-7 Plus is titled as “The Family Tab”. It comes with a 7-inch TFT display screen with Multi-touch up to 5 points. The colors on this display are vibrant adding to the clarity of the display. The processor of this tablet is Dual-Core with 1.2GHz speed. It is linked to a 512MB RAM giving you a great performance. To add to the user experience, you get the Android v4.2 operating system. The internal storage capacity of this tablet is 8GB with a provision for additional storage up to 32 GB on a microSD card. Hence, you can carry around all your multimedia files like movies and pictures wherever you go.

The AQ 700 is one step higher and it comes with the purpose to offer a better entertainment experience. It comes with a redefined display over the space of 7-inch. The tablet comes with Android Lollipop that makes your work on the tablet even smarter. The Tablet has 3G connectivity for super fast internet and a 2 Megapixel camera for beautiful pictures. When it comes to the processor, it is linked to 1GB RAM that boosts up the processing speed. The battery capacity of this tablet is 2800mAh that can work all day long.   

If you happen to be a busy person with a lot of tasks in hand, the AQ 880 is a Tablet made for you. The AQ 880 is the best tablet among all the Ambrane Tablets as it offers better multitasking performance. It comes with a larger display of 8-inch with a full HD resolution and redefined colors. The processor of this tablet is the powerful part where it comes with a Quad-core chipset of 1.3GHz frequency. The camera of this Tablet is even better with 5 Megapixel power and better quality and a range of features. You can go on using this tablet for hours without worrying about its battery as it has a 4000mAh capacity.

Finally, the AQ 11, another tablet with the best features, is meant for a large display experience. The screen itself of this Tab is 10.1-inch with better clarity and resolution. This tablet is also sleek in comparison with the rest of the Ambrane Tablets. The processor is Quad-core unit clocket at a frequency of 1.3GHz. The storage capacity of this Tablet is 8GB and that can be extended up to 32GB. This tablet is compatible with Dual Sim for more connectivity options. It also has the most powerful battery of 5000mAh capacity.

Why Ambrane Tablets:

You’ve now seen what each of these Ambrane Tablets can do, it’s certain that you are getting more features at a lesser price. This states value for money you get on buying an Ambrane Tablet. If you have used any of the Ambrane products, you would have been satisfied with its quality and durability. This assurance comes with not only with words but in fact Ambrane is ISO 9001:2015 certified. In addition, it is certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards. Hence, you get a guaranteed quality product. Ambrane Tablets are inexpensive and they completely suffice every different Tablet requirement of yours right from the basic household to professional or business purposes. In short, you get every reason to select Ambrane when it comes to buying a Tablet.

Where to buy one:

As the brand got popular for its products and services, it could also tie up with some of the popular online portals in order to reach out to maximum population. You can get an Ambrane Tablet on Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Shopclues, Tata Cliq, Paytm, and eBay. Also, it has tie-ups with stores like Spencer's. Hence, Ambrane tablets are easily available.

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