Alcatel Smart Watch Price List

Company Origin: Alcatel is a joint venture between French telecommunication giant Alcatel-lucent (45% Share) and the Chinese electronics TCL (55%). Previously known as Alcatel OneTouch, it is an electronics company that deals in smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and smart home products. The company was founded in April 2004 with an aim to unite telecommunication and manufacturing expertise from the respective companies.

In 2016, the brand was acquired by Nokia, the iconic company from Finland. The company has been re-branded as Alcatel after the acquisition in the same year. Alcatel has been an active participant at various international events like IFA, CES, and MWC, where the company has showcased their smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. At these events, the company has been recognized for their contribution to the mobile industry.   

Product Portfolio & Availability

Alcatel has their presence in a variety of categories like smartphones, tablets, IoT, Home products, feature phones, and mobile broadbands. Their smartphone series comprises of compact and phablet phones. IDOL, POP, and PIXI are their series of smartphones, while tablet adds HERO series to their arsenal.

Moving to the smartwatch category, the brand has released three smartwatches in India so far. Which is not much when it comes to quantity, but they all certainly cater to the need of everyone from a millennial to kids. Alcatel One Touch, Alcatel Kids Watchphone, and Alcatel Go are the three Alcatel smartwatches released in India. The price starts at Rs 3,999 and goes up to Rs 6,999.

These Alcatel smartwatches feature activity tracking and could be paired with iOS or Android smartphones. What more? Use these smartwatches to remotely capture photos from your connected smartphone. Along with fitness tracking, it offers sleep tracking for understanding your sleeping habits. These water resistant watches make your smartwatch experience fun and interactive. When it comes to Alcatel smartwatch specifications, they are top of the line. What makes them different than other smartwatch manufacturer is that they provide elegant functioning design at affordable pricing.   

Services & Warranty

After sales, service is the key to bringing up the reputation among the consumers. Word of mouth is a very strong selling point even in this era. If customers like your service, it is highly likely that they will recommend your services to their friends and family. And that is a potential sale! Alcatel claims to take their after sales service pretty seriously as they have shared it officially. With a 1 year warranty period on their products like a smartphone, tablet, smartwatches, and selected accessories, the brand promises to repair your device free of cost within a warranty period.  


Looking to buy a smartwatch that you can flaunt? But you want this within a budget pricing? Well, that can be done. Alcatel Smartwatch offers best-in-class specifications, features, and price in India. If you desire a good smartwatch on your wrist, then, you could go with the Alcatel smartwatch as they offer value for money products.  

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Which device would be compatible with Alcatel Smartwatch?

Alcatel Watch requires Bluetooth 4.0 or above to be equipped on your smartphones. Apart from that, make sure the smartphone you are trying to connect is running on either Android or iOS. Furthermore, the Android device should be running on 4.3 or above version, while iOS device should be running on 7.0 or above version.

Where can you purchase an Alcatel Smartwatch in India?

Do make a note that these watches are available on online e-commerce stores only. Previously, Alcatel smartwatches were exclusively available on Flipkart, but now selected models can be purchased on Amazon India. We provide the store links, please find them in the gadget page of Alcatel Smartwatch.

What should I do when my watch isn’t responding?

Press and hold the Power key for 10 seconds to restart your Alcatel Smartwatch. Note that use this instruction only in an emergency. If the watch still doesn’t respond, we recommend you to contact the hotline number 18601808877 to find out the nearest service center in your area.

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Alcatel Smart Watch Price List in India

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Alcatel SM03 Go WatchRs. 6999