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Company Origin: Bharti Airtel is an Indian telecommunication giant founded in 1995 by Sunil Bharti Mittal. It is a venture between Bharti Enterprises and SingTel. The company has operations in 18 countries across Asia and South Asia. Their headquarters is in New Delhi. Airtel is a publicly traded company at BSE and NSE stock exchanges. It is the largest mobile network operator in India and third largest in the world. The company has more than 400 million subscribers. Named as India’s second most valuable brand, it is one of the most valuable publicly traded Indian companies.

The company houses more than 25,000 employees and currently sits on a US$ 35 billion of total assets. They generated a revenue stream of US$ 15 billion at US$ 840 million profits. The popular subsidiaries of Bharti Airtel include Airtel India, Airtel Sri Lanks, Airtel Africa, Robi, and Wynk. The company has inked a deal with Ericsson, Nokia Solutions, and Networks and IBM for equipment and IT support. The transmission towers are maintained by subsidiaries and joint venture companies of Bharti, i.e. Bharti Infratel and Indus Towers in India.  

Products Portfolio:

The brand foremost focuses on their GSM, 3G, and 4G LTE mobile network services. They have services like fixed landline, broadband, digital television, and IPTV. Last year, the company started to roll out their 4G network, and since then, the brand has covered many states and regions offering high-speed mobile internet connectivity. They have a pan India license for offering the broadband services.

Utilizing the Airtel 4G LTE network, the telecommunication giant released mobile Wifi router for on-the-go Internet connectivity to multiple devices. The trend has been set and many other mobile networks started to offer such products. However, with this, the Airtel 4G hotspot has set an industry example. These hotspots are manufactured by Huawei in partnership with Airtel. They are optimized to work with Airtel network bands all over the country.

The Airtel Wifi dongle price in India starts at Rs 2,500 and goes up to Rs 5,000. Talking about the Airtel 4G hotspot features, they support connectivity for all the Wi-Fi enabled devices. Up to 32 devices can be connected at a time to an Airtel WiFi router. With built-in battery and support of up to 150 Mbps speed, browse the internet with blazingly fast speed even if you are at someplace remote, as claimed by Airtel in their ads.

Services & Warranty:

Airtel is a brand that has gained the trust of Indians with its quality and reliable service. Even though, some would quote their service to be costlier than standard rates. But in return, you get a good product and acclaimed after-sales service. If you have been looking up for the warranty information on the Airtel 4G hotspot, then, we could help you with that. The Airtel Wifi dongle comes with a domestic warranty of 12 months, which covers repair or replacement of defective product during the warranty period. Consumers can head to an Airtel or Huawei authorized service center for repair or replacement purpose. Warranty doesn’t cover water damage or breakage of any kind. 


Airtel 4G hotspot dongles make your life easier if you have been looking to browse the internet on multiple devices such as laptop, smartphones, tablets, and more. The pan-India network coverage helps Airtel Wifi dongle users to stay connected wherever they go across the country. So, if you are looking for a good consistent internet connection, then, Airtel 4G router might be a good choice, looking at the facts.  

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


> Can I insert my Jio SIM card in this Airtel 4G Hotspot?

No, you cannot. Since they both operate at different frequency and bandwidths, you cannot use your Jio SIM inside the Airtel 4G Wifi dongle.

> Does it come with Plug and Play feature?

Yes, the Airtel 4G dongle offers plug and play feature. You don’t need a lengthy installation procedure to get online. Just insert your Airtel 4G SIM card with data pack and wait for the device to showcase green signal. And you’re ready to browse the internet.

> Where can I find username and password for my Airtel dongle?

Open the device cover and look for the credentials, i.e. Username and Password on the backside of the plastic cover you opened. It is the default password, which can be changed via panel settings.

> Can I remove and replace the battery on Airtel 4G hotspot?

Sure you can. Just remove the back cover to remove the battery. It can be replaced over the time once you feel battery life is degraded. For extended connectivity, you might want to buy a secondary battery pack.

> Can I connect my 3G smartphone to the Airtel 4G dongle?

Yes, you can. Your phone’s mobile internet capability has nothing to do with connectivity with Airtel wifi dongle. Your device needs to be enabled with Wi-Fi in order to get connected to the dongle’s wifi.






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Airtel E5573s-606 150N 4G RouterRs. 999