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Acer is a Taiwanese multinational company in New Taipei City, Taiwan. This company was introduced to the world in 1976. It started up as a company with eleven employees as a distributor of electronic parts and a consultant for microprocessor chips. As it progressed Acer expanded its horizons into peripherals, Personal computers, Laptops, Smartphones, communication devices and more. By 2015 Acer became the 6th largest personal computer manufacturer in the world.

Acer has produced many laptops with various operating systems in Linux, Ubuntu, Windows, Android and Google Chrome OS. The Acer Aspire series is one of the most widely known model of Acer laptops. Acer competes in the laptop space to the best with with HP Laptops and Asus Laptops.

With computers and laptops becoming the spine of any domain of professional and personal practice, the laptop market in India is burgeoning at a rate faster than ever. The IDC Quarterly Personal Computing Devices Tracker Report 2017 shows that both the consumer and commercial PC market suffered from the effect of demonetization and GST but accelerated in no time. According to a report prepared by Statista, the shipment of laptops is estimated to grow up to 161.1 million units in 2021. While the cheap price and innovative features help the companies to sustain in this competitive market, presence of highly efficient tablets and smartphones pose a threat to the sale of laptops. Some of the most dominating laptop manufacturers that have created an are Dell, Lenovo, HP, Apple, and so on. However, the Taiwan-based Acer Inc. has been able to gift the user with qualitative products at cheap Acer laptop price. Employing 7967 proficient and experienced professionals in the research, development, and production, the company is one of the most sought-after laptop brands today in India. Acer Inc.  today is NT$171.1 billion enterprise that enjoys reputation across the globe.


History of the company


Founded in 1976, the Acer Inc. came into existence as Stan Shih formed Multitech with his wife and a group of five people. During the initial stage, the company started off by distributing electronic parts and offering consultation in the domain of microprocessor technologies.

In the year 1998, the Acer decided to restructure and reorganize itself into five groups namely Acer International Service Group, Acer Sertek Service Group, Acer Semiconductor Group, Acer Information Products Group, and Acer Peripherals Group. In a bid to dedicate its resources towards design and sales, the Acer Inc. freed itself from its manufacturing units i.e. BenQ and Wistron.

By 2006, Acer made a revenue of US$ 11.31 billion but only after employing the most efficient and effective market strategies that were ideal for the existing distribution channels.

In the year 2013, both CEO J.T. Wang and President Jim Wong resigned due to the poor financial performance of the company. After co-founder Stan Shih managing as chairman of the company for some time, Jason Chen became the new CEO.

Operating in 70 countries, the company today has more than 95,000 retail locations spread across 160 countries.


First appearance in India


Acer India Private Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Acer Inc., came into existence in the year 1999. Producing desktop computers, laptops, and notebooks at cheap Acer laptop price, the company has made a significant impact in the country. The company is headquartered in Bangalore, India.


Here is the list of laptops offered by the company at economic Acer laptop price along with their specifications:


Aspire 7: Branded as ‘Perfectly Powerful’, the Acer Aspire 7 has been designed to deliver optimal user experience besides providing the user with a compelling appearance. Engineered to engross the user with cutting-edge productivity and entertainment, the Aspire 7 offers visual excellence. Working in compliance with 2.5GHz i5 processor, the model comes with 8GB memory and 256GB solid state drive capacity. Facilitating one to stay connected to the world, the laptop comes with 802.11 ac wireless antenna. With the premium quality Dolby sound, an immersive experience is guaranteed. The Aspire 7 is priced at high Acer laptop price of INR 88,000.


Acer Swift 7: Being one of the leading models in the category of trendy laptops of contemporary times, the Acer Swift 7 has been designed to be ultra-thin but doesn’t compromise when it comes to performing. Offering 9 hours of battery back-up, the model can offer up to 3X wireless performance. Crisp and soothing visuals are guaranteed by the 13.3” display that comes with screen resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. Driven by a 1.3GHz i7 processor, it features 8GB memory and 512GB solid state drive capacity. Ensuring virtual sound around, the Acer Swift 7 comes with Dolby Audio and Acer True-Harmony. Ideal for high budget users, this laptop has been made available at costly Acer laptop price of INR 99,999.


Acer Spin 3: Empowering the user to see more, the Acer Spin 3 comes at economic Acer laptop price of Rs 42,999. Incorporating 360 degree convert hinge, the model lets the user enjoy all four modes available. Engineered to gift the user with ergonomic ease, the Acer Spin 3 provides up to 10 hours of battery backup. Besides the 15.6” display gratifying the user, the 2.4GHz along with i3 processor and HD graphics 620 ensures glitch-free performance. It also features two built-in speakers that are adept at offering the finest quality sound.


Acer Chromebook 15: Besides having a fashionable look with its metal cover, the Acer Chromebook 15 has been engineered to offer a wide-angle display with which one can see color same from every possible angle. Offering greater clarity with top-facing speakers, the Acer Chromebook 15 functions with the help of a 1.6GHz Celeron processor, HD graphics 400, and 2GB memory. The model helps the user to stay at the top of productivity with 12 hours long battery backup. Offered at an economic Acer laptop price, this model is a true gem.


Acer TravelMate Spin B1: Acer TravelMate Spin B1 has been engineered to be fully convertible laptop and gathers smart features for the sake of captivating as well as engaging the user. It has been built to endure the rigors of daily school life, this laptop comes with developed structural features. With the Acer Active Stylus, one can easily capture all the creativity with ease. The HD IPS display enables the user to enjoy true colors. Coming with a battery life of up to 13 hours, the Acer TravelMate Spin B1 is ideal for students who need it for the entire day. Functioning with a 1.1GHz Intel Celeron processor, HD graphics 500 and 4GB memory, this model comes with Windows 10 Pro. Starting from an economic Acer laptop price of INR 19,200, the Acer TravelMate Spin B1 is set to engross the user.


Acer Chromebook Spin 11: Designed to help students in the process of productivity, the Acer Chromebook Spin 11 incorporates classroom level technology and more. The military grade durability ensures an impact resistant body and the tamper-proof keyboard prevents one from digging up the keyboard. The inclusion of unique drainage design has made it possible for the keyboard to resist spill as well. Running on a 1.1GHz Celeron processor, the laptop comes with HD Graphics 400 and 4GB memory. The antimicrobial corning gorilla glass makes it easier for the user to have a cover glass that is free from microorganisms. While the Wacom technology pen lets the user write naturally, the 360-degree hinge gifts the user with the capacity to use the laptop in four usage modes. This model comes at an affordable and reasonable Acer laptop price as well.


Acer Chromebook 11 N7: Manufactured to resist the impact created in course of an accident, the Acer Chromebook 11 N7 doesn’t only come with military grade durability but also comes with a plethora of features. Besides being embellished with spill resistant keyboard, the laptop also comes with up to 13 hours of battery life which in turn ensures continuous productivity for the whole day. Enabling the user with access to more than 2 million Android applications, the Acer Chromebook 11 N7 runs with the help of a 1.6GHz Intel Celeron processor, 4GB memory, and HD Graphics 400. The inclusion of the HD webcam ensures that the user can also click pictures or participate in video conference. Offered at an inexpensive Acer laptop price of INR 21,999, this model is an amalgam of durability, performance, and functionality.


Acer Swift 1: Built to portray an ultimate level of confidence and style, the Acer Swift 1 amalgamates every possible technology that one might need in daily life. This sleek and stylish model comes with thin and portable design. An all-metal body is set to engross the user with fashionable reliability whereas the backlit keyboard helps one to type comfortably irrespective of the time. Unraveling the rejuvenating opportunity for one to connect to any secondary device, it comes with a plethora of ports. Besides offering a battery life of up to 10 hours, the device has been engineered to function in compliance with a 1.1GHz Intel premium processor, HD graphics 505, and 4GB memory. Acer Swift 1 is offered at an affordable Acer laptop price of INR 43,129.


Why buy Acer laptops

Apart from cheap Acer laptop price, what entices large users to choose Acer over other brands is the fusion of durability, innovative features, and appearance.


Fashionable Appearance: Ensuring fashionable appearance with metal body designs, Acer has become the first choice for many.

Innovative Features: Inclusion of innovative features unravel the path for the users to enjoy enhanced performance and productivity as well.

Durability: Catering to the need of having durable and impact resistant laptops, Acer is one of the most sought-after brands today.


Where to buy from

With the growth of online markets, one can easily find Acer laptops on online shopping malls like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay and so on at economic and reasonable Acer laptop price. However, Acer has retail stores across the country from where one can also get the desired model. Purchasing laptops from unauthorized dealers is not recommended at all as that comes with high probability of occurrence of unforeseen events.

Acer laptops support is available in India in various locations and is known for its’ after sales service around the world. The icing on the cake for Acer laptops has been the price. Their categorisation of their models have always had the customer in mind. Hence the prices varied according to the need of their users. Acer Aspire and Acer One are the most widely used Acer laptops in the world.

Acer laptops drivers are also very easily available and most importantly they can be downloaded from their official website, which makes it very reliable and that adds as a feather on Acer’s hat.

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Latest Acer Laptop Price List in India 2018

Acer Laptop Price ListPrice
Acer ES1-531-P5GU NX.MZ8SI.044 39.62 cm(15.6) Notebook (Intel Pentium/4GB RAM/500GB HDD/DOS)Rs. 19299
Acer Aspire SW3-016 10.1-inch Laptop (Atom x5-Z8300/2GB/32GB/Windows 10/Integrated Graphics)Rs. 12619
Acer Switch 10E SW3-016 10.1-inch Laptop (Atom x5-Z8300/2GB/32GB/Windows 10 Home/Integrated Graphics)Rs. 15990
Acer Aspire E1-510 (NX.MGRSI.001) Laptop (Pentium Quad Core/2 GB/500 GB/Linux/64 MB)Rs. 24600
Acer Aspire One S1001 (NT.MUPSI.003) Laptop (Atom Quad Core/1 GB/500 GB/Windows 8 1)Rs. 18150

Frequently Asked Question on Acer Laptop

  • 1. Are Acer laptops good for gaming?

    Acer has the best configuration for gaming and hence there’s no second thought in this regards. But what should that right configuration be to play the best games in a best way

  • 2. Can I get a load an operating system on a DVD on my Acer laptop?

    No, you can't load an operating system in a DVD. It can only be installed on a storage drive such as pendrive and hard drive.

  • 3. How to Speed Up Your Computer/Laptop?

    5 Step Easy Fix Speed Up Your Laptop: 1. Clean out all unusual collects 2. Check RAM and the hard drive 3. Uninstall useless programs 4. Upgrade antivirus software 5. Reinstall Windows

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