2GB Memory Card Price List

Years ago when memory cards were introduced it was a huge thing, for memory cards introduced data mobility like never before. Its compact size was its USP and that idea was a major sell out more than the product itself. The means in which users could transfer data from one location to another had been revolutionized and 2GB was one of the first memory cards launched.

Transcend, Moserbaer, Kingston, and Sony was one of the early players that launched 2GB memory cards. These were expensive for their time, but it was a good buying decision, for, they could be used a unlimited number of times. The only competing product it has was the rewritable DVDs.

These 2GB pendrives had durability, were not affected by scratches unlike the DVDs and could not be easily tampered with unlike the case of DVDs.  These storage devices were faster and could process efficient read speeds.

Though not many people prefer to purchase 2GB memory cards, we still have them listed to give you a chance to go back to your days when a 2GB card was a big thing and feel the nostalgia. You might not use it. You might still want it.

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2GB Memory Cards

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Latest 2GB Memory Card Price List in India 2017

2GB Memory Card Price List Price
Xenio 2GB MicroSDHC Class 4 (24MB/s) Memory CardRs. 225
Transcend 2GB MicroSDHC Memory CardRs. 1438
SanDisk 2GB MicroSD Memory Card (With SD Adapter)Rs. 1341
SanDisk MicroSD 2GB Memory CardRs. 1340
Transcend 2GB MicroSD Memory Card (With Adapter)Rs. 1457

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