256GB Pen Drive Price List in India

When you talk about a pen drive what comes in you mind? A compact, tiny sized drive with some amount of storage. But how much amount can one expect to store on a micro-sized drive? Unlike SSD and HDD, which are our hand-sizes drives and can’t be easily put in our pockets. These USB pen drives are highly portable and can be put into our pockets. Carrying a pen drive is easier than a portable hard disk. Which is why if cost is not a barrier. It is recommended that one goes with a high-capacity pen drives.

Offering a 256GB pen drive requires use of high-end technology and is not feasible for many brands. The brand choices get limited, but that’s the cost of jumping into a path less traveled. As per trends, not many consumers go with high-capacity pen drives.

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256GB Pen Drives

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Latest 256GB Pen Drive Price List in India 2017

256GB Pen Drive Price List in India Price
Corsair Flash Voyager Slider X1 256GB USB 3.0 Pen DriveRs. 6815
HP 256GB X705W Pen DriveRs. 6939
Leef iBRIDGE 256GB USB 2.0 Pen Drive (For Apple)Rs. 29999
Corsair Flash Voyager Slider X2 256GB USB 3.0 Pen DriveRs. 11348
Corsair Flash Voyager GTX 256GB USB 3.0 Pen DriveRs. 12999
Corsair Flash Voyager Mini 256GB USB 3.0 Pen DriveRs. 11617
PNY Elite X (P-FD256EX-GE) 256 GB PenDriveRs. 7190
Sandisk Ultra CZ48 256GB USB 3.0 Pen DriveRs. 7590