128GB Pen Drive Price List in India

In the early days, people tend to use the pen drive to transfer content from one computer to another. In those days, the information was shared among friends and colleagues using these portable drives. There was limited storage space available in the thumb drives, unlike large capacity in today’s drives. These days even 128GB pendrive capacity isn’t enough as HDD offer higher capacity at relatively lower pricing per GB.

There are a variety of manufacturers who offer 128GB pen drives in India and listed below are a few prominent ones.
and Transcend. The Sandisk 128GB Pendrive is one of the most sought pen drives in the list as the devices offer unmatched performance and compatibility. The built to last design and classy finesse make it a class apart.

In today’s era, we use pen drives not only to transfer contents between PCs and Laptops but also between smartphones and tablets. With OTG (on-the-go) functionality on the current generation of USB drives. They have expanded their horizon from static to portable devices. There are various types of pen drives you can select from. Such as drives with latest USB interface connectivity, budget price and reliable brands.  

If you don’t require high capacity HDD drives or blazing fast drives like SSD. Then, we believe that a portable USB pen drive with a good capacity should do the trick. A 128GB pen drive price is recommended if you’re a heavy media consumer.

A 128GB pendrive is the best portable option to transfer large amounts of data. The pocket-friendly compact size and durable material makes it strong and prevents it from physical damage. Pendrives are built to last and with technological advancements in this space, a 128GB pendrive should last for at least 3 to years.

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128GB Pen Drives

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Latest 128GB Pen Drive Price List in India 2017

128GB Pen Drive Price List in India Price
Strontium Nitro idrive USB 3.0 128GB OTG Pen DriveRs. 6509
SanDisk SDCZ880 128GB USB 3.1 Flash Pen DriveRs. 7999
Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick 128GB Pen DriveRs. 3036
PNY Elite-X USB 3.0 128GB Pen DriveRs. 3790
Corsair Flash Voyager GT 128GB USB 3.0 Pen DriveRs. 8374
Sandisk Cruzer Blade 128 GB Pen DriveRs. 2350
Corsair Flash Voyager GTX 128GB USB 3 .0 Pen DriveRs. 9787
Kingston DataTraveler G4 128 GB USB 3.0 Pen DriveRs. 2651
Sandisk Ultra Fit 128 GB USB 3.0 Pen DriveRs. 2723
Samsung BAR MUF-128BC/AM 128GB USB 3.0 Flash DriveRs. 3790